Bernie Sanders: Not a Communist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Akaashik, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Akaashik

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    People seem very misinformed about Bernie Sanders. If anyone would like to learn more, or have a debate (not an argument), I would be willing to talk.
  2. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    From the encyclopedia Britannica :

    Social democracy, political ideology that advocates a peaceful, evolutionary transition of society from capitalism to socialism using established political processes. Based on 19th-century socialism and the tenets of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, social democracy shares common ideological roots with communism but eschews its militancy and totalitarianism. Social democracy was originally known as revisionism because it represented a change in basic Marxist doctrine, primarily in the former’s repudiation of the use of revolution to establish a socialist society.
  3. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    based on that definition, Social Democrats are one step from Marxism, which of course is one step from full blown Communism, especially if they are forced to beat down a resistant populace in order to institute it.
  4. Akaashik

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  5. emilya

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    troll on communist supporters... I am not going to take the bait. Enjoy your little subversive ideas, they will continue to be as unpopular here in America as they ever were, and Bernie is totally unelectable. I am out of this conversation, having said my piece.
  6. Akaashik

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    If anybody else wants to talk about this, I am open to it. I'm sorry you feel that way, Emilya, and I won't push the issue on you any further. No reason we can't get along when not talking about politics.
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  7. gardenermendo

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    Some people can't see the difference. Some people are close minded.

    "Social democracy is the promotion of a mixed economy, in which the private capitalist sector is retained, but social welfare provisions are in place to make capitalist’s activity tolerable to society at large." This couldn't be better said.

    We have a mix of socialism and capitalism in America. Big corporations don't give a hoot about the needs of people, they don't pay for the building of bridges and roads, and worker's pay isn't foremost on their minds. Profit to line their Board members pockets is. Big corporations don't care if they're polluting the environment, it takes people standing up to abuses and laws to keep them in check.
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  8. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    probably came from all the political science and economic theory that I had to study in order to get my PhD in Economics.
  9. smello1

    smello1 Registered+

    I like his position on illegals/undocumented;)
  10. DrGnosis

    DrGnosis Registered+

    While I totally respect everyone else's viewpoints, I wouldn't consider the socialism of scandanavian countries as being anywhere near Marxism/communism. That is the kind of socialism that Bernie wants.
  11. Vape

    Vape Registered

    definitely a socialist though
  12. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    He bought a $575,000 vacation home, yesterday; to get chilled out in. So needy.:doublethumbs:
  13. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    such a hypocrite
  14. smello1

    smello1 Registered+

    3rd one.Only in America.{sarc.}:awesome:
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  15. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    The Sanders ain't no spring chickens.
    Why not spend some of that scratch? :)

    Kinda cheap for a vacation home, though.
    Wouldn't buy much, in my neck o' the woods.

    Compared to who? o_O
    Bernie has integrity, too much to be allowed into our current Liars Club, apparently.

    The race for the presidency has devolved into a slogan-fest, catering to the lowest common denominator.

    Obama with "hope" and "change"... Pfft! Good riddance.
    I still can't believe he was elected a second term... o_O
    If the rest of the worlds economy hadn't joined us, in circling the porcelain bowl, his approval rating would still suck. :p
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  16. Dancing_Bear

    Dancing_Bear Registered+

    Sanders isn't a communist. He's a socialist. Socialism is believed to be created by Marx, yet it was made during the French revolution. Marx called socialism the transition to communism, yet socialism is equal distribution to everyone. Communism is the idea of everything being owned by the government, and everyone is paid according to their needs and abilities.
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  17. carolinahempcompany

    carolinahempcompany Registered+

    Bernie is the truth
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