Bernie Sanders Will Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Galaxy, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Shovelhandle

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    absolutely selected. The primary and caucus system, the convention system, "Super Delegates" who vote for who they please regardless of their constituent's wants, none of this affords proper representation of the citizen. Look and see when Sanders gets close to 90% or more of the primary vote only to have his 'partner' Senator Pat Lahey vote for Hillary because 'he promised'. GD pricks.
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  2. Gatekeeper777

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    The candidates are chosen by the worlds ruling elite at a super secure conference every year by the Builderberg group. They choose there the agenda they want to push and the candidate to push it to get their global one world cashless order. Any candidate that's actually against it they try to make sure they don't do well " At the polls" lol At that point we are all slaves!
  3. EvilCartman

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    It was a squeaker in MA! Still counting, but they're calling it; :eek: Hellary w/50.1 % of the pop vote.
    Split the delegates, 46/45.
    Damn, really wanted the witch get the L.

    The talkin' heads say:
    The problem facing Bernie, is getting all these young adults that adore him, to actually go out and vote. :p
    I know my boy didn't make the trip. Counter-strike is way more important than a silly election.

    On a happier note:
    To celebrate the Trump win, I joined a few neighbors in erecting a rather large "T" in their yard, and setting it ablaze.
    We looked pretty spiffy in our white sheets... :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

    (some neighbors were not amused)
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  4. COweed

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    I like his stand on this, definitely better than Hilary.
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    Bernie is going to affect Hillary the same way as R. Nader affected Al Gore.

  6. Shovelhandle

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    screw hillary, it's her 'system' too.
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  7. Vape

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    Bernie would have won in landslide if the dnc wasn't so crooked
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  8. EvilCartman

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    Competence, compassion and integrity will not be tolerated. :oops:

    The She Beast must feed.
    Nothing else matters.

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