Best and Worst of DWC?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Mr. Purple, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Mr. Purple

    Mr. Purple Registered+

    I'm thinking of going to DWC,
    but i would like to know a few things.

    Is yield substantially higher with DWC than soil?

    Will i need to fill/change the water
    every day if so how many hours
    can it go before i have to fill it up
    with more water?

    How much water does it use?

    Can i get rid of that chemical

    I plan on growing 4 plants maximum.

    7ft (height) x 5ft (length) x 2ft (width)

    is my space.

    And if you can what are the disadvantages and other
    advantages with DWC.

    Thank you.
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  2. gainesvillegreen

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    You really need to read the many posts out there on DWC because your questions don't have single answers.

    Is the yield higher than soil? Yes or no, depending on the capabilities of the grower and other growing conditions.

    Do you need to change the nutrients every day? No. Depending on your total nutrient volume, whether you're using a recirculating setup, nutrient concentration, etc., about once a week is common for a nutrient change (but you will have to top it off every day or two depending on volume).

    How much water does it use? Anywhere from a few gallons to 100+ depending on your setup.

    Can I get rid of that chemical taste? Yes, just flush your product for the last few days to week of flowering.

    DWC is a nice setup because your plants sit in an aerated nutrient solution 24/7. This allows them so take in as many nutrients as they desire because they don't have to wait for availability. Once you get it set up, there is little maintenance aside from checking pH, TDS, and topping off your reservoir each day. I would have to say that the only disadvantages to DWC are the initial cost in dollars and time for your setup.
  3. Comatose

    Comatose Registered+

    I've been looking more and more into doing a DWC as well. I'm definately going to take baby steps when working into the project. Before I do a Recirculating DWC, I think I want to do a single 5 gallon bucket DWC with a 5" net pot and hydroton. I believe I already have some old fish aquarium air stones and pumps with tubing, so I'm pretty sure I just need the net pot, hydroton (or other medium), and a black 5 gallon bucket. But anyways, DWC really looks like the way to go. I think Xcrispi has me jelous with reports of 16-19oz. per plant in DWC. How can you not want to mimic that?
  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    yeah, I finally am making the switch over to the 'dark side' ... :D ... I have a couple Power Growers arriving this week ... a couple friends have been pestering me for years, to 'go hydro' ... am reading all I can find about it, right now ... :smokin:
  5. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    My first DWC grow was in a 5 gal bubbler and 8 26 watt cfls. I pulled 9 oz off it using earth juice grow,bloom, micro and catalyst. I'm itching to put my C99's in bubbler but i broke my ph meter some how and i'm just waiting until i can get another. I killed 10 PPP seedlings trying to grow them without a ph meter i guess my lesson was well learned.
  6. Comatose

    Comatose Registered+

    9oz with CFLs? Thats pretty damn impressive.

    When I get the chance to make a DIY DWC, I'll definately post up a few pics.
  7. TheHerbalist

    TheHerbalist Registered+

    Im on my second grow and have a 4 bucket setup. Just starting. Still at the seedling stage but I hope it goes well.

    From what Ive seen if you follow a few simple guidelines you "should" be alright.

    I'll see for myself soon.
  8. Mr. Purple

    Mr. Purple Registered+

    Would it be better to buld my own or just buy one?

    And is it hard to build one?
  9. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

    build your own

    bucket or tub
    saw and drill

    i think im about to try 1 with 1 plant in a 5gal bucket
  10. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    Comatose - Quote -> I think Xcrispi has me jelous with reports of 16-19oz. per plant in DWC. How can you not want to mimic that?

    Just like Homedepot bro. = "You can do it , And we can help" :D

    It's really easy , I do suggest a DWC / Drip combo though . You can have the best of both worlds combined - it's also like -"Plan B" if airstone gets clogged , it's still dripping
    -or- if ring gets clogged , it's still bubbling . = cheap insurance .

    2-5 gal. buckets , 2 female clones , 1-600w. hps. , and Latewoods 3 prt. recipe.
    A first try w/o any major mistakes you could prob. expect 7-8oz. per. bucket .

    If Reaper has 2 females in his Power Growers w/ 400w. I'll bet money he gets 7-8 oz. a bucket easily w/ a lil topping , training . and tying down because of all the yrs. of experience he's already aquired .

    I just started a bunch myself . 6 in dirt , 4 in recirc. Drip / DWC - 5 lbs. or bust .
    Peace all
    Crispi :stoned:
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  11. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    " If Reaper has 2 females in his Power Growers w/ 400w. I'll bet money he gets 7-8 oz. a bucket easily w/ a lil topping , training . and tying down because of all the yrs. of experience he's already aquired. " ...
    Peace all
    Crispi :stoned:[/QUOTE]

    oh, that's just great :wtf: ... I'm not already nervous enough about getting my feet wet, and now I see I'm being watched (I ought to take him up on that bet ;)) ... :jointsmile:
  12. Comatose

    Comatose Registered+

    The pressure is on IR, the cancom world is watching you!!! I'm really excited to start hydro. Thanks to all for showing me their setups and different plans to make others. Today is going to be one for research... :)
  13. Mr. Purple

    Mr. Purple Registered+

    Right after this thread, mad folks started other DWC threads
  14. Tendril.traY

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    Yes..this is nice. very nice if anybiody wanted to know DWC make a map to this thread. well done this has unvaild my mind dromendously:D.

    i can now take a rest very much needed on this subject..

    Thank you
  15. smokeyjoejoe

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    Thats amazing results but how long would you need to veg for to get that ??????

    only 4 1/2 years old post
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  16. darinstoner94

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    6 1/2 yrs now im calling bullshit on any commercial production of 18+ zips a plant indoors ud have to veg like crazy train nd top like mad grow the biggest of big bud strains and it would take alot longer because of this and be way less profitable than say 4-7oz a plant of high grade with average or so veg times and maintenence
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  17. Ttystikk

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    I just signed up to this site to say that yes, 19 zips and more per plant are not only possible, but can be routine with these methods- and for me, they are.

    Yes, you have to plan your veg. OTOH, if you're a commercial grower and you AREN'T planning your veg, I suggest updating your resume because your tenure is limited...

    In addition to validating that RDWC methods work, they also support high intensity indoor cultivation techniques very well, since the root zone can fit in a tub of water.

    I'm currently working with RDWC to test high density techniques, looking for ways to cut power usage, space, water and labor- all of which increase productivity.

    Finally, since RDWC allows for complete control over nutrition and most other root zone parameters, it's an ideal method to use for research, as the grower can effectively replicate exact conditions easily, something all but impossible with organic methods.

    20140328_021233.jpg 20140204_143129.jpg
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