Best "day of" detox drink?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by nater64, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. nater64

    nater64 Registered

    What's the best detox drink for the day of testing. THC is my only concern. I have urine luck, but want a back up. Thanx!
  2. Burnt Toast

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    ALL detox products are a big scam to seperate the credulous from their cash. You can spend up to $200 on a magic elixir and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished by just using water and vitamin B2.

    When they work at all, detox products "work" via the principle of dilution. That means they "work" because of the water that youre required by the instructions to drink with them. They do not eliminate THC from the body, as the sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. There is nothing that can permanently rid the body of THC except for time and fat-burning exercise.

    Forget the magic potions and read up on the steps outlined in the Dilution "sticky" thread.
  3. nater64

    nater64 Registered

    Thank you
  4. WeedMILF

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    The best and cheapest method is to drink a bottle of pure vinegar the night before the test. Please be aware this is a dangerous yet efficient method in getting rid of any kind of toxins that drug test can detect. Good luck!
  5. Burnt Toast

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    Vinegar is an old myth. It does nothing to rid the body of THC. There are far less dangerous methods to help pass a U/A.

    And THC is non-toxic, so therefore it is erroneous to label THC a "toxin".
  6. maruid

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    Im looking to detox for health reasons, not to pass a test. anyone got any info on that?
  7. Burnt Toast

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    Never heard of anyone trying to rid their body of THC for health reasons. Theres no evidence of health risks stemming from the presence of THC metabolites in ones body.

    The drug testing forum is for info on passing drug tests for THC.

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