Best fertilizer right now?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by scottcc5s, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. scottcc5s

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    Would appreciate some expert help on what is the best fertilizer to use at this point of my first grow, here’s where I am right now.

    1) Right now I am 8 weeks into VEG, I had poor lighting (florescent) but as of last week I now have (three) 90W LED and (one) 126W LED arriving tomorrow.

    2) I did tried “diluted” Miracle Grow but burnt my tip so I must have not diluted enough.

    3) Just transplanted them into 6.5 quart pots to get ready for flower.

    4) Have a good grow tent with good temperature and lighting control

    Again, looking for insight on best way to fertilize right now going into flower stage. FYI all plants are females.


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  2. JackdaWack

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    I'm a massive fan of the botanicare line of products. You can find a sticky in the hydro section, but the formulas can be used for soil as well. It's mainly organic, but not 100%. Your going to get many answers to this, but i would suggest picking one company and sticking with there line of products throughout the grow. If you do plan on using botanicare just a note to use 1/4 strength the first feed, and bump it up a little each feeding until u notice slight burns and back off. There line of products are rather strong and the recommended dosages are usually to strong.
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  3. M.B.A.

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    I was talkin to a guy the other day(who happens to own/run a hyrdro store) he has been growin over 26 years and he said he has tried most things out there. But he said the GH line was the best
  4. M.B.A.

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    Im also using an LED UFO
  5. redfox30

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    Jack's Classic is my favorite plant fertilizer.As long as you mix in a generous amount of dolomite lime into your soil blend,thats all you need!

    If you can't get Jacks, I have had good results with Miracle Grow for veg, And I like Peter's super blossom booster for flowering.

    Miracle Grow Bloom booster is good also....just use in very dilute mix.
  6. killerweed420

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    The more I've tried some of these expensive off the shelf nutes the more I'm finding that they are way too much hyped and overpriced.
    I have moved back to products that I used in my earlier days that you can buy at any hardware store.
    Cloning: B1 and very light Miracid mix
    Vegging: Miracid and some molasses
    Flowering: Morbloom,Molasses, a very small dose of fish ferilizer every 3rd watering and the only 2 pro nutes I use is Dyna-Grow Bllom and Dyna-Grow ProTekt
    They are all cheap and easy to get.
  7. wman44

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    bud-swel for flower
    super tea for veg
    they've been around for years and years for a reason...

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