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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MaraJawanna, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. MaraJawanna

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    ok I only know of two ways the paper towel method and the water in the cup one. Are these effective one's? What's good soil to use aswell and any specific water to use? Just gonna start my first grow in a few days and just wondering. Any help will be great. Thanks!
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    Uhm.. Hi!:)

    Germinate the seeds. Let's see..:p You can simply drop a seed into moist soil, but by germinating the seeds first you can be sure that the seed will indeed produce a plant. To germinate seeds, place a group of them between about six moist paper towels, or in the pores of a moist sponge. Leave the towels or sponge moist but not soaking wet. Some seeds will germinate in 24 hours while others may take several days or even a week.:)

    If you want to find a Female seed, try lookin at this.. There are a lot of help full thing's in the Faq..!:)

    The soil.. Let's see..:p The ph should be between 6.5 and 7.5 since MJ does not do well in acidic soil. High acidity in soil encourages the plant to be mostly male, an undesirable trait. The soil should also contain humus for retaining moisture and nutrients.:)

    Water.. Let's see..:p If you live near a clear mountain stream, you can skip this bit on the quality of water.:D If not, Most of us are supplied water by the city and some cities add more chemicals to the water than others. They all add chlorine, however, in varying quantities. Humans over the years have learned to either get rid of it somehow or to live with it, but your marijuana plants won't have time to acquire a taste for it so you had better see that they don't have to. Chlorine will evaporate if you let the water stand for 24 hours in an open container. Letting the water stand for a day or two will serve a dual purpose: The water will come to room temperature during that period of time and you can avoid the nasty shock your plants suffer when you drench them with cold water. Always water with room temperature to lukewarm water.
    . The most important thing about watering is to do it thoroughly. You can water a plant in a three gallon container with as much as three quarts of water. The idea is to get the soil evenly moist all the way to the bottom of the pot. If you use a little water, even if you do it often, it seeps just a short way down into the soil and any roots below the moist soil will start to turn upwards toward the water.

    I know this was a looooong read, but I think you might find it helpfull!:)

    Good luck on your grow..!:D

    Puff out..
  3. MaraJawanna

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    lright will try thanks alot
  4. RastaKaze

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    actually you will get better results popping them right into some well watered soil... alot of beginners fuck up the tap root in the transfer from the pp towel to the pot...
  5. Trichome Creator

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    You can use a SBS Rockwool propogation tray for near 100% sucsess or use the paper towel method for a 80% or better rate. Place your seeds in distilled water for 24 hours in a dark place. Then place your seeds in wetted white paper towels without designs (No ink in paper towels) and place the folded peper towel in a ziploc bag and place in a dark place. Check every 24 hours for mold and remove seeds that have germinated and place into your grow medium.Hope this was of help to you.
  6. reuben

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    last night i make my seeds under th electricalblaket and i forgot them all the night
    the nepkin wos dry but i make water illediatly and i open the nepkin and i see that the seeds are crekd with the root out

    u tink that the seeds are steel good or i kill them ?

    help me pls
  7. Trichome Creator

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    DOA man DOA.
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  8. mand

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    Hello M :) I always prefer the "paper towel" method but that's all down to personal preference ;)
    At the moment I am geminating sixteen seeds, eight Sensi skunk and eight Skunk#1, fourteen have sprouted and are in their little pots however two are being a little shy :eek: , I'll give them a couple more days to see if they want to make an appearence ;)

    As for soil ? ........... I always use my own homemade compost if possible, it's cheaper (costs nothing) and I know what has gone in it ;) Although I have used bagged compost from the Garden Centre before and it was ok.

    As for water ? ........................ Whatever comes out of the tap, although I do like to let it stand in the growroom for a while to bring it up to the same tempreture.

    love mand xxx :)
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  9. TheBudReaper

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    I fold a paper towel into four even squares then open it so its folded the long way and pop my seeds in. Fold it back so its a square. (This makes is so there is an even amount of paper towel)
    Get antoher paper towel. fold it evenly, like i did the first one, drench it, squeez it gently and place it atop of the paper towel with the seeds in it. A paper towel or plate should be under the paper towel with the seeds.
    This gives me a perfect amount of water and it does it slower than just pouring water on the paper towel.
    Place in dark place. Not a cold place but kinda warm.
  10. TheBudReaper

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    Found some good info on the matter just now. Roll seeds on fingers to get off some of the stuff on em ( makes it easier to absorb water ) drop in distilled/filtered water for 18-24 hours. The ones that sink have absorbed water and are now ready to be put in room temp damp paper towel.
    Im trying it out now. Will let know results
  11. GetThisOrDie

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    Ive used the paper towel method with 100% success. Im using rapid rooters now and its much better. I soak the rooter in ph corrected water overnight. Then I just poke a hole in the rooter (the one it comes with is too big) thenplace the seed pointed down. Put in a plastic cup and put on something warm (cable box works great). 100%
  12. nuglover

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    what i do is drop them overnight in distilled water. then do the paper towel method. i have had about 100% with that.
  13. jtingler

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    this method works, and is best for beginners and pros alike (the rapid rooter part is what I'm talking about)

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