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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Buddman, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Buddman

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    just bought a 1000 watt hps sunleaves and need to get a new bulb. which is the best and whos got the cheapest??
  2. Buddman

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    WOW!!!I thought I would get at least one response!!!!thanks so much for the effort all!!
  3. mattmao

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    i think a lot is down to preference,but i prefer to use either phillips,or osram.both can be quite expensive,but as i live in the uk cant help you with where you can get them.
  4. xcrispi

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    I prefer Hortilux
    I get em for 1/2 price by the case . :)
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  5. rhizome

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    Don't bother with the cheapest bulbs- gonna be crap.

    I really like the Hortilux- SunMaster and Solarmax are also nice, and a couple of bucks cheaper.
  6. Dutch Pimp

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  7. Buddman

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    THANKS ALL!! that hortilux was what I was thinking .can't wait bubblicious and ice ready for some major light!!
  8. the image reaper

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    I've had very good service, and prices from this outfit:
    Light Bulbs, Rope Lights, Halogen & Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    one order arrived with a broken HPS bulb, no problem, they shipped me a replacement IMMEDIATELY, and a free UPS pickup slip for the broken one ... they're in Texas, if I remember correctly ... I am using the 'Hortilux by EYE', that came with my lamp setup, but the guy at 1000 bulbs isn't too fond of them ... he said they have a LOT of short-life complaints with the EYE, and recommends the Phillips or Sylvania, etc.. ... I also bought a couple of their cheapo $12 400-watt HPS, but haven't had need to try them yet ... :smokin:
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  9. khronik

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