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    I'm a little fussy when it comes to incense. While I've always loved the idea of it, most of it is very unappealing to me.. just really smoky, blech. It's frustrating that some smell nice in the package, but when you burn them, they all smell pretty much the same, smoky.

    But few months ago I found the best incense, in an essential oil shop. They have some very nice, unique, fresh-smelling scents. I was really skeptical, but the shop girl convinced me to try it. She explained that this kind has no wood in the stick, so it doesn't have that woodsmoke smell. She was so right... I love this stuff! You just get a clean, pretty aroma.

    The brand is Nippon Kodo, & the line I'm familiar with is their NK line, which is small sticks (4 or 5 inches), in beautiful scents. Here's a link to their site: Enjoy! :)
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    maybe u had some bad insense in the past? i like the different smells u get, thing is, my mum knows i smoke, and she used to, but shes so fucking dumb she doesnt know what weed smells like, so any smell in my room, and its a fucking lecture
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    ive never had it, whats so good
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    nag champa just elimates all odours and smells so nice its not really over powering either best incense its all i ever use
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    Somebody, like I explained, there is no wood base in the stick, so it's not as smoky as a lot of incense I've smelled burning. A lot of incense just seems smoky to me, but this is more of a pure fragrance... nice & clean & fresh, without feeling like there's a woodfire in the room, lol.
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    I had these bad ass vanilla insence before. they are mad to cover up cigarette smoke so weed will easily be covered up. They were pretty fat and burned fast so you could smoke with it on and if someone walks in all you have to do is hide the bowl cause ur whole room would smell like vanilla.
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    they have that here at the natural market ..or at least they used to ..havnt been there for a while but i really liked it a lot ..but im still a die hard nag champa user my self..
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    You can make them yourself and have anything you want depending on what oils you use its easy to do.You can make any recipie u like for meditation or relaxation or psychic dreams or whatever.They smell much better than any store bought incense with good oils.
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