Best indicators of good weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Frivolous248, May 6, 2007.

  1. Frivolous248

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    What do you think the best signs are that the weed is good?

    I think smell and look of the bud is more important than whether it has seeds or not. Some bud looks decent but smells real bad like rotten vegetables 'n, while other bud has lots of seeds but smells like dank and is still better than it looks.

    Seeds 'n stems aren't a big deal to me if the bud is straight. Sometimes what people may call "regs" are actually good mids.

    Also some bud has almost no seeds but its still only low mids.
  2. rainbows.rsexy

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  3. Bodom Children Of

    Bodom Children Of Registered+

    that i get high on a limited amount of hits or the fastness of the onset of the high
  4. AnonKilla

    AnonKilla Registered+

    Smell and look.
  5. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    Smell and crystals.
  6. xLIbluntsmokeNYx

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    only thing gettin u high..
  7. sttomassmoker

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    touch, cure, smell, taste and quality of high.
  8. J-dubb206

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    Yup smell really doesnt mean anything to me its just a plus, iv had not such potent smelling weed that kicks my ass. Its all about the thc crystals.
  9. Nochowderforyou

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    Look and feel. Look is self explanitory, and the feel kind of varies. Loose, wispy buds are a good indication of so-so weed. Not all the time, but I'd say 98% of the time, wispy buds are not the most potent.

    A nice hard bud, or spongy bud, that bounces back, are a good sign of some good grown weed.

    I find smell means nothing at all. I've smelled bud that smelled good, but smoked nasty.

    I guess looks can be fooling to, but like before, 98% of the time, if it looks good, it is good.
  10. Oneironaut

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    One of the best indicators is crystals, since they are actual THC trichomes, so the more crystals, the more fucked up you're going to get. You just can't go wrong with more crystals.

    The other indicators are not absolute, and it depends on your definition of good bud. For some people, taste and smell are more important than the high, and for some other people, the high is more important than taste and smell, and for still others, they are equally important.

    You can smoke some nasty-tasting dry-ass shake and still get pretty fucked up, and you can also smoke some tasty green nuggets with lots of orange hairs and only get a little high. Whether or not it's "good bud" depends on what you like, really. As far as I'm concerned, though, any bud that'll get me buzzed is good bud.
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  11. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    the smell is how to tell
  12. Jimbob1310

    Jimbob1310 Registered+

    crystals and hairs, and tight sticky buds with a skunky smell are dank as a fucking ass
  13. CannabisCrooz

    CannabisCrooz Registered+

    crystals are the number one thing i look for, and hairy nugs are always nice.

    seeds, i really dont like seeds. never really had any bomb bud that had seeds. if the plant grows seeds its spending energy to create them (they have no thc) rather than beefin up the buds in an attempt to get pollinated. pretty sure thats right, i dont know much about growing but i remember reading that somewhere

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