Best Lighter for Weed

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Euphoric7, May 23, 2009.

  1. gypski

    gypski Registered+

    Bic and Snap. But I've used the cigarette lighter in the vehicle to fire my one hitter when the Bic's died. Worked excellent!!! :pimp: In a pinch, I'd take off my belt and make a bow fire-starter!!!! I can survive in the wilderness without matches or lighters!!!! But not without my favorite smoking material. :D
  2. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    Me too! Except it burned a small ring around the edge of my bowl. But that only adds character. Plus I'm stoned all the time so who really cares? :)
  3. flyytee

    flyytee Registered+

    i like matches myself
  4. Hempfester

    Hempfester Registered+

    My lighter was going i lit a candle and used toothpicks to light my pipe. That actually wasn't too bad.

    CHRIS THORSEN Registered

    I use a soldering iron pen type. I found it in my grandfathers stuff. Brand new inthe pack from 1980s gotta be but its perfect. I don't imo how hot it gets busy I Definetly get my 710 cause I'm dabbin shatter and getting perfect hits huge fuckin hits. I plug it in for bout 15 min and keep it plugged in and I slide it in the hole of the titanium nail or banger whatever its called about five min and BANG MOFO!! ILL HITTS DABBIN WIT A SOLDERING IRON PEN TYPE. I also used it to f-ing evaporate a whole g of 2020 future moon rock then used the shit load of me keif it left for a .5 cartridge filtere wax out!!!! But fucking literally evapd it. And u can control the the burn so easy so no wasting or smell. Best thing I ever did. Minor goinI out and buying a heat mod wire and all that shit for a rig for 200 bucks when I can buy a press for 450 that u can plug a wire into the box that to win press has on it. Shits getting Amazin bro!!!! I love bud and thc products!!! Shouting that loud bro!!!NY NEEDS DISPENSARIES BESIDES My medical ONE and another one onthe longas islands bout 30 min away. P_20171203_005756.jpg a9eac8c0f4ebbf376db8591947515661--hash-oil-ganja.jpg P_20171202_232316.jpg that fire "LARRY DAVID"!!!!LARRY O.G. NIGGA = PRETTTTTY PRETTY PRETTY BANGIN Laarry you laazy bastaad!!!!

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