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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by MG Canna, Jan 25, 2012.

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    How is everyone doing? I am a patient, a breeder, and a consultant to many friends in the MMJ business. It is amazing how fast new strains are developed these days. When I check out some of the menus up in Denver and north, I cannot believe some of the hybrid meds available. It's like Attitude released the seed on the 1st and today is the can there be crosses of those strains? Because its really been longer than one day and there is no care put into breeding. When I went to see Phish this summer in Denver, I had to hit 6 MMC's before I could find good, not great, buds. All these double diesel this and and diesel that strains sound great but someone doesn't care how well the buds work for medicating their patients. Otherwise they would look like this:

    I know, as a breeder, most people do not have the time or care it takes to make killer, consistent seed. It took over a year to choose the males and females to breed with. I have F1's of many, but the process has just begun. I have many plants to grow and a limited plant count, so it takes a little time to find a female with all the traits I want and even longer to find a male. The male dusts the female and gets back crossed to the mother female. Once both of these are grown to seed, I will choose a female F2. This takes longer than choosing the F1 because there is more variation as I search for the male and female plants that best represents the F1's. On the other side, I have my BX1, which I will choose a male and female from, as well. Each set will be inbred. I will also cross the male BX1 and male F2 with the mother. Finally at this stage, all the plants grown will be close in phenotypes and have extreme "fur" on the buds. This takes about two years to complete. I cannot offer my seeds to you but I can tell you how to produce your very own, alien monster.

    Onto my topic:

    I have very bad back spasms due to back issues I have had for the last 13 years. Before I start my next breeding project, I want to know what strains are the best, in your opinion, for muscle spasms and pain caused by sciatica. I don't need basic info on strains. Tell me 4 or 5 strains and give a detailed description of feeling and how it helps, for each one you list, please. I am not interested in anything outside the scope of my question, as I am trying to respect the board rules.

    I really appreciate the time you take because my goal is to make sure CO becomes a well known state for having the best breeders who are serious about organic, medical marijuana. I will do this with your help, a little bit of time and a lot of love. I don't know release details and I m not sure if I can talk about that on here, but i will talking with a few MMC's and wholesalers. If I work with an MMC, the info about the seeds will be found on that page and I will put up a link for it.

    Another side note.....

    How do feel about the seed companies in CO? Are they meeting our standards or are they breeding old, washed up strains that no one wants to grow? Let me know because I haven't had a need to buy seeds in a long time.
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    We would recommend any strain high in CBD which will typically be an Indica.

    Any OG or Kush are generally safe bets.
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    You'll want to check out Rare Dankness Seeds. We don't carry them but several centers around the state do.
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    When I was growing for PC in Colo Springs, we had one of the highest testing "kushy" plants out there. It was given to me from a friend from Belgium. It was something he called "Blue Gum", which would soon be released by G13 seeds. We all know the roots of Bubba Kush, but I didn't expect much from this strain......Blueberry and Bubblegum---BIG Deal, right?

    First off, its a stretchy plant that desires super cropping for monster yields.It finishes in eight weeks flat. It tested over 24% THC, 1.4 CBD. The color is fluorescent blue, smell is pungent blueberry, not as sweet and stronger than regular blueberry, and taste of this bud will have some keeping this plant forever. Out of 1000's of strains grown, I have it down to about 50 keepers, which keep alive by sharing with a few MMC's and close friends, and also at the MMC I consult for now

    Seeds are being released daily into the public of soon to be titan, an amazing sativa/indica hybrid, (Blue Dream) x (Original ECSD x SFV OG kush F4) aka Sour Dream OG. There are only a handful of regular seeds made, only because its the first step in a series to make a Sour Dream OG BX2 with giant arms of BD style buds with an amazing Diesel tangy zing and a smooth sweet berry finish. The yeilds from the F1's have been stellar and the quality is as good as either parent with slight variations in time, taste, smell, and density of the buds

    On the other spectrum, I have a LA Pinapple Kush that I crossed to Kong(Motivation), and than back crossed to LA PK. The bud grown from the F1's was amazing, but I want to bump the already above average yield and bring a little more density to the fluffy, picture perfect buds. For this quality of bud yields of legends will be told for years to come.

    And yet again, another side of the world as I travel to Kush country to marry two special strains, the Deadhead OG and the Chem Valley Kush which is in it's infancy at this point. I will be having F4's and somewhere in that Skunk and chemdog infused OG madness, a greasy indica I call Allen Iverson with a lemon scent that would boot Lemon Larry's OG off the face of this planet. This will add an oz. or two to the yield in the same growth time. This plant is from seed and I am the only person that has this, as I have refused to share it with anyone.

    Of course, at this point I do not have a Seed Co., so I CANNOT OFFER seeds to anyone. However, I have started looking into opening one as a way to bring these strains to all patients who deserve nothing but the best quality seeds for a fraction of the going price and also to wholesale seeds to large MMC's for growing purposes only of the highest quality meds and custom strains that take years to produce, all within the state of sunny, Colorado.

    If, as breeders, MMC owners, organizers, and a lawyer who is willing to do pro bono, we could have organized monthly meetings and we could all work together to make Colorado the medical capital of the world by by working to create plants, that scientifically based fact has lead us to understand how TCH and CBD work, as the two most active Cannabinoids.

    It has taken a long time through patient trial and error to know what works for whom and how it works compared to others, as far as drug consistency goes. In my professional opinion as a farmer and patient, consistent dosing can only be achieved through other means than smoking, such as concentrates.

    Thats all for now.

    Peace and Love to the Medical community who works through these tough times of over regulation.

    MG Canna
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    bubblegum is great for spasms, especially if you also take 5 grams of D-Ribose a day (a supplement, see the vitamin store) get the powder and take in OJ. For the bubblegum, I suggest an ISO extract, .5 grams in a OO gel cap, or less depending on your tolerance.
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    The problem with taking oil or hash in gel caps is that in a very short time, ones tolerance is out the roof and soon smoking or vaporizing is worthless. That is great for the MMC but not for patients who need that to get by. Most people will pass out from taking something like this and others might have a crazy 6 - 8 hour trip, so to suggest something like that is inappropriate without discussing some of the possible effects based on tolerance levels.

    Just last year, I was taking 4 to 6 quad dose cheeba chews a day without any problems because my back pain was so severe. If I did that now , i would most likely pass out from 4, or have a hell of a good time making breakbeat tracks!

    I still would like to know what everyone's top five strains are for spasms and back pain..........and I don't know why no one wants to share.
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    you are absolutely correct about tolerance from eating. BUT, as much as smoking is almost useless to me now, my symptoms are under control. I am sure someone who never ate would be fine with .1 - .3 grams of oil.

    the bubblebum really is great for spasms, grapefruit is also very good.
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    My license is because of persistent muscle spasms in my shoulder and arm from nerve damage. I don't have sciatica, so I can't speak for that.

    My disclaimer is that I'm almost exclusive to what we carry. I ventured out twice this week and picked up some nice Willy OG from the Teapot at 2008 Federal and nothing from MMC #2.

    My preference is heavy indicas.
    -Gumbo. We've had this since we started. We don't know what the genetics are and I believe it was nicknamed Gum at some point years ago, so it very well may be related to bubblegum. I honestly haven't seen Bubblegum at any MMCs that I have been to lately.
    -Bio-Jesus. Home grown cross of our Bio-Diesel x Gumbo. Allows me to be more lucid than the Gumbo.
    -Ultimate '91 ChemDawg. For the tougher days. I generally keep this at home.
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    Well then. I will have to stop by and give you a clone of the Blue Gum from G13 Seeds. I grew this from seed. It is a fast growing, stretchy, quick finishing (8.5 max), great smelling, great looking plant, turns purple, and tested as one of our strongest strains for THC and CBD. The buds are some of the stinkiest I've grown the passed two years. Be careful and top man times or super-crop to get big yields, otherwise it will stretch on you real fast.

    I am a growing consultant working with an MMC in Springs that is just opening. We are growing OG#18, Candy Kush, Armageddon, Emerald Jack, Bubba Danko, Colorado Kush, Mean Martian Green, Rocklock, Victoria's Secret, Alien#4, Tyler's White, Pink Lady, California Wildfire, Deadhead OG, Sour OG, Sour Dream OG, Sourilla OG, Marble Mt. OG, Qrazy Russian, Super Lemon Haze, PK Kong, and Sour Cream. As we get more patients, we will add more strains. For now, it's a small list of amazingly strong and fragrant genetics. I don't think I could pick one out from the others and say "this is the best". I'm testing a Double Barrel OG from Rascal.....some of his OG's are well below average for yields so I may get rid of it.....we will see..
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    I think Nuken is one of the best, it is the child of Kish and God Bud.
  11. MG Canna

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    I don't know what the Kish is but Godbud has some great phenos to work with. I have a kickass Blue Dream I'm going to reverse. No matter what strains come along, people consistently tell me my Blue Dream and Sour Cream are their favorites. DNA's Sour Diesel x G13 Haze is a sweet tasting bud, not at all sour, and it's a favorite for daytime smoking. The Blue Dream for me is a perfect balance of indica knockout and sativa zing.

    I like an Aurora Indica I picked up two years ago from seed. It's nice to know I'm the only one with access to this plant as I will be doing a ton of breeding projects with it. I may feminize the cut because it is that good. I just don't know if there are people out there who appreciate greasy, oily,rock hard buds of NL and Afghan genetics. By the way, NL is basically afghan that have been selectively inbred. Afghan or Pakistan kush plants seem to be the way of the future right now but I like the huge yields of elite buds, not tiny yields.

    Remember.....the small yield doesn't make a strain elite. The quality of THC and CBD's, along with flavor and looks make a strain elite. And I have to tell you, a plant like this that produces many 100 gram colas is not one to pass up.

    I thought of compromise, between all this turmoil of choosing the right strains to breed with, and there she emerged! The Deadhead OG male from Cali Connection crossed with my lemony skunk and cat piss flavored Aurora Indica and holy F$%#$#!!!! One of the most noticeable changes in the OG revolution is about to occur in Colorado. HUGE YIELDS ON KUSH PLANTS!!!!!!!!
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    Seconded @ MG Canna!

    That's what I m looking for. I can't wait to stop by your store when you consider to open a new store someday.

    Probably, I'd rather to have MG Canna to be my caregiver or I'd have to surrend this and allow myself to become a puppet by Dr mankind :(

    Keep me posted.. Be peace and be happy 420 :)

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    Best strain to make Rick Simpson Oil

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to find out which strain is the best to make Rick Simpson Oil and where to buy the seeds.


  14. A.R.

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    Can someone answer for me whether edibles (lozenges or dissolvable candies) are done by strain? I read above that Indica is good for muscle spasms, my issue is that I have chronic (daily) headaches and will be having minor brain surgery to correct the problem. I do not smoke and don't wish to, and post surgery, I won't be able to, so I am looking for something that would have serious pain relieving capabilities but that I would not have to swallow (no eating) or smoke. Any kind of head motion after will be very bad (this is my second surgery, so I am familiar) and I am trying to figure out what would best suit my needs. I want to be clear I am a total newbie at this, I know not a dang thing, so I am hoping to get advice from those who know and who really use it for medical, specifically pain, management purposes. Any help would be great.
  15. DenverRelief

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    A.R. Give us a call or stop by. This is Ean posting but any of us are qualified to help you, especially Kayvan, Mike and Andy. We have been manufacturing edibles for over 2 and half years. Our current hard candy line is produced under Green Cross Colorado, which also makes Cannapunch, tinctures, edi-pure edibles, vape-relief cannmaizers (a fantastic and immediate relief option for you) and more products coming shortly.

    Almost all of the products can be made to order strain specific. We will absolutely work with you to find which strain(s) work best for you without ever having to smoke a thing. One of our heavy Indicas, like Ultimate '91 ChemDawg, Gumbo or Reserva Privada would probably do the trick.
  16. A.R.

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    Thanks Ean. How far in advance would you think I would need to order in order to have a special hard candy with a specific pain variety made up?

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