Best place for Seeds in sacramento?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by quartsonlock, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. quartsonlock

    quartsonlock Registered

    im looking for seeds :thumbsup:
    handful of strains needed, 20-50 total.
    ill be in sac from feb 15th-22nd.
  2. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    couldnt say. i do know that i have a bunch of great seeds i wanted to do some trading on (mowie,white widow,white rhino,skunk,ect) to get some new genetics going and a moderator decided to whack my post .

    anyway, id dont some swapping with you or sell you some if it werent for that.
  3. quartsonlock

    quartsonlock Registered

    there arent any dispenceries in sac that carry seed?

    VAPORIZER22 Registered

    A few that I know of; Northstar (Cali Connection), Fruitridge (Cali Connection), El Camino (Cali Bean Bank, BOG, DJ Short).
  5. DistantToker

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    Vaporizer is right, I know Northstar does but it seems a little pricey its like a 100 bucks but not sure how many seeds, maybe 10?
  6. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned


    thats just stupid.....

    lemme ask you this...

    over the years, how many seeds have you dumped in the trash, thrown out the car window, and just basically shit canned?

    i will also mention be very careful when buying seeds. there are a few out there that claim to be able to tell what a plant will be by "sexing" the seeds. thats virtually impossible, and is NOT the same as "feminized" seeds. a marijuana plants sex isnt set. sex is generally determined by "feminized" seeds are created by collecting pollen from select stress induced hermaphrodites, and generally the seeds will produce MOSTLY female plants if grown in a completely (plant) stress free enviroment , but even then, there arent ANY guarantees youll get females from big problem youll run into when trying to grow "feminized" cannabis seeds is that the plants produced from using them are automatically predisposed themselves to being hermaphrodites ,and if subjected to similar stresses that the original female plant was subjected to will almost always revert to hermaphrodites themselves,unless the feminized seeds were taken from a "true female" or "intersex-resistant" plant. point being, if you grow seeds, you havent a clue what your going to get, be it male or female,or even the strain you asked for or believe your getting. thats why i always go clones. you know 1. what your getting up front , 2> you know your getting a for sure female as the clones are already mature when taken and will show female traits already.

    point to all this? careful buying seeds. i know people who have gotten seeds before that were supposed to be "feminized" and specific strains, and have them turn out as males and females of a totally different strain than they originally got, then when they complained they got the "oh, well, thats your fault, learn how to grow" bullshit.
  7. the image reaper

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    I concur with that :thumbsup:
  8. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

  9. DistantToker

    DistantToker Registered+

    I'm surprised the shops are selling...I would think everyone would be buying clones not seeds for 100plus.

    Oh by the way did anyone see that new Hydroponic store right in front of THC Club on auburn blvd. I thought it was hella funny but a smart way to go!!
  10. sscc420

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    Seeds in Sac

    We carry seeds at SSCC. They come from 2 different members. I have about 20 different strains available right now. They are not feminized seeds. I am waiting for an order to come in next week. At that point I will have over 40 strains available. They range from $40 to $60 dollars in packs of 10 and 14. If you have any questions, please feel free to come by. Thanks

    South Sacramento Care Center
  11. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned


    non-feminized seeds, 4 to 6 bucks APIECE?, i hope they grow gold bars instead of buds
    lets see how this works out.....

    buy 10 seeds for 60 bucks + tax

    plant same seeds

    wait, sometime until you can sex them, and find out you have, say 8 males and 2 females.....HMMMMM....that figures out to $30 bucks A SEED.....thats kinda steep if you ask me.

    theres a place that has an ad on craigslist locally,gold country collective
    heres there ad

    Prop215 Meds;
    Clones - $5 & up. Mothers available. Many varieties to choose from.
    1/8 $25 - $40
    1/4 $50 - $160
    1/2 $100 - $320

    get ahold of them ( they have clones starting at $5 BUCKS, and have over 50 DIFFERENT strains....

    plus, there meds are from $25 to $40 bucks ( for the best stuff) an 1/8TH, WAY more in line with what youd expect to pay,rather than some of the price some of the "dispensaries" charge.

    ive personally had contact with them, great people, easy to work with and their stuff is superb. i know several people who have delt with them, and they are on the level and super people, and like i said, there meds are top shelf. i wishi was down in that area, id GIVE you some seeds rather than see you pay those prices
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