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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Pulse, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Pulse

    Pulse Registered+

    anyone have any good ideas of where the best place to grow pot outside would be?
  2. J DOG 6000

    J DOG 6000 Registered+

    Somewhere that gets lots of sunshine and low humidity.
    Maybe next to a stream?
  3. Pulse

    Pulse Registered+

    no i ment like to hide it. like a good place that it would grow and no body would see it
  4. nppmpimp

    nppmpimp Registered

    No one knows where you live, only you can find the best place. You want a place where you can get a lot of light, but if you don't want people to see them it has to be off the beaten path. somewhere in high brush or sticker bushes. Outdoors watch out for animal, stickers provide good defense vs. deer and others. I believe they say if you grow it on a mountain side have it facing south (someone correct me if i'm wrong).

    Erowid, always a good site for anything you may need. This is for outdoor cultivation, from aquiring seeds to harvest. Good luck :thumbsup:
  5. J DOG 6000

    J DOG 6000 Registered+

    On a mountain side you would want it to face the east.
    If your worried about stelth you got lots of options...lowryder,bending and manipulating the branches so it grows along the grownd like a vine or topping .Just make sure you get a mostly indica strain if hieght is a factor.
    good luck
  6. Great Blue Heron

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    If you're in the northern hemisphere planting on a hillside, you want it to face South so it is exposed to sunlight all day long. As the sun traverses the sky to your South, down in the tropics.


    Pulse just search "cannabis cultivation" or "growing" you'll find plenty of info. If you wanna hide it thick brush of the beaten path, the grow articles you'll find generally cover this. Also you can search for threads of people discussing various plants to use to camoflage your herb. Bright lights cosmos is a flower you can use for this, just today I read milkweed, I also remember reading hops could work.

  7. greenmartyn

    greenmartyn Registered

    ireland - can i grow?

    im live just outside dublin

    in county louth.
    there is planety of places that i could grow outdoors, forests etc.
    just wondering what would be the handiest?
  8. HunGrow

    HunGrow Registered

    If stealth is a problem, search for a place surrounded with natural obstacles like thick bush or rocks. The harder you get there the harder anybody else would get there. Look for brown or black colored soil, forests usually have a very good quality soil. Check for the availability of water. Outdoors it is possible for plants to get on without fertilizer, but they need to be watered in dry seasons. Plants grow larger with direct sunlight, but will get on without it if needed. And choose this place as far as you can from inhabited buildings. With these thing in mind, you should have no problem choosing a good location.
  9. Openmind559

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    How about on your roof? Or like a porch in the back yard?
  10. imsmokingmyroach

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    Grow next to a marsh or swamp using 5-20 gallon containers with holes on the bottom. Water maintance is very low and you wont leave a trail to your grow. You gotta watch out for your plants because the swamp or marsh might flood.

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  11. Earthy Dank

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    If you have blackberry then grow in the center of one of those patches. I had a 5 foot wide blackberry patchj and I grew in the very center. It is completely hidden untill it starts getting bigger than the brush. Thats when i bend it over.Its extremely hard and painful to navigate through briairs but its worth the security in my opinion.

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