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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dmngzckynd, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. dmngzckynd

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    with all the vape fans around here,...which is the best portable vaporizer,..I have the extreme Q at home and love it,..but i need a good portable vaporizer,...any suggs???? thanks in advance,...
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  2. vapefiend

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    The best in what way? Easiest to use? Thickest hits? Fastest heatup time? Best for vaping on a windy day? Best for cold weather vaping? Best for stealth? Even for stealth, it all depends on where you are and what you're doing. There are flame powered vapes like the VaporGenie, butane catalytic (iolite/WISPR), battery powered (Solo, MFLB), etc. There are so many different types of portables now, you need to specify what features are important.
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  3. vapefiend

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    But they're not both used the same way. The Solo is closer to a home vape but has glass stems and makes for a big bump in a big pocket, while the DV is a true pocket vape. So, like I said, it all depends on how you're gonna use a portable.
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  5. cannabis-seeds

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    I recently bought a N02 Portable for a friend who wanted to try vaporizing - he seems happy with it.

    It was pretty cheap and seemed simple enough. Looks like a quality product, but its too soon to know how well it will hold up.
    It's all electric with a rechargable battery - works off either the battery or the charger.

    Only problem he's had so far was he was filling it up too much.
  6. piercedc

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    I am going to try the PAX by Ploom. Looks to be a little bit bigger than a pocket lighter and seems easy to use. You can see it on Vape World. Not sure what yall consider pricey but it is about $250 for the basic setup.
  7. ricymardona

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    I think Arizer is best probable vaporizer.
  8. vapefiend

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    Looks like Vapornation dug up a dead thread, and it's turned into 'what's your favorite portable?'.

    The Puffit works, but not that great. I tried it, but the iolite and more expensive DaVinci are much better. The DV has me completely satisfied for portable use, since I like a stealthy model for portable use.

    For very little more $, you can get the excellent Da Buddha (DBV), or Arizer Solo, which is a compromise between pocket portable and home unit.

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