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    hello mates we are premium suppliers of quality medical marijuana(sativa, indica, white widow, sour diesel, and many other strains), as well as seeds for personal gardening. if interested, call or text(203)6658966 or via mail

    we ship our products via fedEx shipping company. shipping is 100% safe and secured and done discretely. we pay extra fee and your goods are placed in a double vacuum plastic bag and taking safely to your given address, since we have a long term business relationship. All payments are done via western union cash on desk or online western union pay pal. a tracking code is given to you by fedEx to track your package after we must have confirmed your payment.

    we gat the following kush
    white widow,
    sour diesel
    grand daddy kush
    OG kush
    girls scout cookies etc.

    we sell at 1oz for $250.

    please contact me for more details via (203) x 665 x 8966
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  2. Weezard

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    This is the same asshole who cheated people in a purebred puppy scheme.
    He, or she, is a crook!
  3. jon_santos

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    Thanks for informing us. Btw, how did you know, did he or she cheated on you?
  4. Weezard

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    It's a known scam, so I did a google search on the number, and the email ID.
    Found some people he had cheated. Same as that idiot who wants you to open a bank account for him. Known scam. It's a domestic version of the African prince scam.

    Wee 'zard

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