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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by PurpnCoke34, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. PurpnCoke34

    PurpnCoke34 Registered+

    I think I have officially found the best stoner job.

    You can smoke on the job, you get to listen to music the whole time, and drive around and eat snacks. Its PERFECT.

    All I do is put flyers on mailboxes all day for a home decorating company. Its the shit!!!!!

    I was just thinkin about this at work today.

    Anybody else have a badass stoner job?
  2. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    owning a coffeeshop in amsterdam
    for new time smokers, a coffeshop is where you can buy/smoke weed in the netherlands. It's where the stickiest of the ickiest buds are sold.
    obviously i don't own one...
    but that's the ultimate job for a stoner.
  3. w4terb0ng

    w4terb0ng Registered+

    damn. i want one of those.
  4. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    i worked for a pizza olace about 25 yrs ago that was cool around and smoke weed and listen to tunes... plus there was always food to after work our boss would buy the beer to drink while we cleaned up ....i worked at the zoo one summer... that was fun. just feedin animals and getting stoned in the barn's... and they had a kick ass snack bar ..but by far the best job i had.. was selling weed / acid / cold beer and t-shirt's at concert's [ mainly G.D. shows] it was nice to get to travel from town to town... we just worked a few hrs a day before and after the shows .. it was a great way to see the country and meet a lot of differant people..we did it for 4-5 yrs.. before we started having kid's.. and had to start settling down a little bit ..
  5. naturalmystic

    naturalmystic Registered+

    selling shit at grateful dead concerts? That's badass.
  6. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    when it was good it was REALLY good but when it was bad it sucked ass to no end. some places were ez to get away with it but others were not so friendly..and by the late 80s the whole scene had gotten very crowded and in some cases very heavily policed .. but i wouldnt trade one of those days good or bad for any thing in the world
  7. LOVElife

    LOVElife Registered+

    Dealing Weed and Bugle!

    Drive round all day, Making Copious amounts of money for Minimal Effort!

    NOTEHOOK Registered+

    I'm going to (hopefully) get a job at an internet cafe/coffee shop. Ain't nothin' better than sittin' there foolin' around online while blazed out of your mind. Oh yea, making coffee though.... maybe I'll hook up some unsuspecting customers with a gram or so in their expresso ;)
  9. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    I used to work at a tie-dye shop owned by 2 hippie brothers. It was awesome and funny as hell. Sometimes we'd get stoned and laugh our asses off for no good reason. Once I got so ripped I passed out in some blue dye and one of them had to drive me home. Good times.
  10. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    did they get the dye off ya first or did they just leave you to wake up thinking you where turning in to a chameleon ?? most people who make t-shirts are the kind that dont mind an ocasional lost day here or there . im a carpenter now and we have many days we never make it back from lunch .. some times you just need to blow off the rest of the day and drink and fish or fall asleep in the dye's cool that they didnt give you hell about it though .. our boss wont get pissed if we take off early but if we passed out at work he's be way pissed
  11. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    I did the pizza delivery thing too. I was also a cook at Sizzler, that was a lot of fun. Everyone in the kitchen got high and we'd just hop up onto the counter to smoke since we could blow our hits out into the exhaust fan and no one would know.

    Now, however, I probably have the worst stoner job. I work in the semiconductor industry negotiating contracts and shit like that. No way I can get high at work so I have to wait until I get home. Even then I get a lot of calls at home from our overseas offices and that's always a total buzz kill.The up side to it is that it pays pretty well so the cost of weed really isn't an issue anymore.
  12. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    it's nice not to have to worry about the money thing.... i think i could almost do that kind of job .. as long as i didnt have to shave/ cut my hair or wear long pants in the summer..
  13. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPot Registered+

    Working for a landscaping company. I work with a cool crew and we smoke. I like it cause i get to be outside catchin some rays and gettin a workout. Plus i like landscaping and horticulture.
  14. Kramerica

    Kramerica Registered+

    In the past, Ive had 2 cool jobs where smoking on the job wasnt a problem.
    Once I worked weekends at a golf course. Id come in about 7am and ride a mower around cutting greens. Once you got to about the 6th or 7th hole, there werent many houses around. You could just cut the mower off, blaze, and check out the morning sky and hear all the cool morning sounds.
    Nothing beats the summer job I had about 4 years ago. I worked for an organization (I will leave nameless), and all I did was drive around in a truck all day and put out insect traps for a study. I never saw my supervisor, I always worked alone, and I spent a lot of time in rural areas and gravel roads. I was high everyday.
    It was so good, in fact, that once I was parked on the side of a gravel road lighting my pipe and I spot a cop coming up the road behind me. Thats a scary feeling. As he rode up beside me, I guess he saw the truck I was in and waved at me, never suspecting a thing. Had I been in my personal vehicle, I probably would have been checked out a little closer!
  15. kablam

    kablam Registered+

    I've had 2 stoner friendly jobs. Taco Bell, my first job, we sat on the roof drinking and smoking for the whole shift (graveyard). We could scope out cars pulling in the lot and we would take turns taking and making orders. Man those were the days. Second job was pizza cook/delivery. EVERYONE there smoked except the owner and he was never there. In the basement there was this old closed down bar that was the official 420 spot while on the job. Thank you Old Town Pizza!!!! for the 2.5 years of employment with the coolest damn crew ever. haha
  16. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    Nope, they left it on me. I had a blue forehead and some blue hair for a few days. My passing out was no biggie, in fact, when I got back home, me, my husband, and the brother who drove me home sparked another one up in the garage. I still see the one owner (the tie-dye shop is now a decent sized operation now, so, no more toking for the employees) every once in a while. Even though this happened ages ago he's still like, "Hey, how ya feeling?" And I'm like, "Shut up, Dan." :p
  17. Moogs

    Moogs Registered+

    There are very few jobs that cater to Stoners, un-for-tuna... :( The best job I found for that is what I do now. I'm an exotic dancer... They don't drug test and I can drink on the job ;)
  18. dandman18

    dandman18 Registered

    ive had 3 jobs in my life time one in a paintball field as a ref, bad ass job, just imagin being in a pine forest all day, and when shift closed just listen to music wihle talking and cleaning the mask and rental paintball gear...

    2 blockbuster wich was O.k, the bad thing is whaen i was stoned i ALWAYS closed the cash drawer without giving people there change.(wich sucks cause you have to call the manager to open it)

    and now i wor VALET, this is the best. i get high, and drive bad ass cars, while listening to music and talking to people..
  19. DrHarry

    DrHarry Registered

    Best Job I ever had and still have it.
    You Guess what it is.

    One Night in Bangkok - 1985
    Armageddon It - 1989
    La Cucaracha - Motiv├ęs ~ 2002
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' - 1988
  20. Ganjasaurusrex

    Ganjasaurusrex Registered

    Im an airline pilot and drive a bulldozer on the side.
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