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  1. gamdwtj

    gamdwtj Registered+

    hello all smokers and tokers

    I suffer with cronic back pain and just wanted some info on strains that may of worked for you.
  2. 420_24/7

    420_24/7 Registered+

    I have no idea, but i just have to say "best strain for back pain" is an awesome rhyme.
  3. rottenPauL

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  4. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    The proper strain to help with back pain depends upon the source of that pain.
    Is your back pain muscle-related, from an old injury, or the result of a degenerative condition?
    Indicas will help with muscle pain, while certain very specific strains have anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. gamdwtj

    gamdwtj Registered+

    muscle and nerve pain from a sports injury.
    i saw green queen on your info link but cant find any seeds for sale just space queen. so im up shits creek i've got a paddle but it's made of shit. :Rasta:
  6. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Space queen is unrelated to green queen as far as I know, but coincidentally is said to have anti-inflammatory properties.
    Nerve pain is best treated with a sativa, while muscle pain will take a nice indica.
  7. gamdwtj

    gamdwtj Registered+

    so a 50/50 would be ideal for my back.
    I was thinking for my next grow G-Force from the flying dutchman indica i know. so do you think i should bin that and go for more 50/50 ? :Rasta:
  8. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Do you have the option of growing 2 strains, one for muscle pain and one for nerve tissue inflammation? Making a blend of dried, ground buds that suits what sounds like a combination of pain sources might be something to look into.
    I have never even heard of that strain so I can't help ya there, sorry.
  9. gamdwtj

    gamdwtj Registered+

    Nice one stinky good idea BUT
    One grow room 4 pots ,so i dont think it's possible because of the height issue
    or am i wrong :Rasta:
  10. turbo420

    turbo420 Registered+

    you could get two differnt 5 pack fem seeds and grow two nice indica and two nice sativas. I always like being able to chosse between differnt buds!
  11. kgb420

    kgb420 Registered+

    personally, trainwreck works wonders for my back pain. i noticed, that good sativas relax my lower back, relieving the tension in the muscles and most of the pain.
  12. curious101

    curious101 Registered+

    i've found Aurora Indica very helpful with pain related to muslce spasms, disc problems, etc...Medicine Man is also a very great strain for pain managment with an indica pheno more suited to muscle spasms and the sativa pheno more suited to nerve damage...Shark Shock i've found to be helpful during the day when a potent indica would put u to of luck but sometimes u got to try a bunch to find something that works...Mr. Nice Dreamtime, Sensi Indoor Mix, etc. would be a good place to start as you'll have a large variety of strains to sample and can keep the one's that suit your needs best...i recently purchased two packs of Dreamtime from Mr. Nice in order to find something special for pain management and they're very inexpensive for 16-18beans a pack-Shantibaba at mr.nice is very generous and even will respond via e-mail to questions regarding the medical qualities of his strains...check it

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