best strain for hash?

Discussion in 'Indica' started by b1growsgreen, Nov 25, 2010.

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    i know that a lot of hash is made from indica stains because of the amount of resin glands they are able to produce, i myself in past cases have used just the trimmings of the array of strains that was recently harvested witch can include both indica and sativa. trying to get the best hash, have the idea to grow a few plants to harvest strictly for hash... so im asking for peoples opinion on the indica strain/s that produces an exceptional amount resin glands...

    i like bubba kush myself but blue dream produces a lot as well

    looking forward to the feed back -b1
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    I can't help you with a strain, but if you have never made Bubble hash, then you are missing out on a lot. Any strain, it will be a knock out.
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    Hash plant is a cross between original hash marijuana and a higher THC variety. Mostly retains the smell and characteristics of the original variety with a higher THC content. Lots of resin.

    Obviously all marijuana can be used to make hash, and some of the super high THC strains has lots of resin. You can find high resin strains for just about every THC level. But if your looking for something more like the original, then Hash Plant (or similar strain names) will give you a high closer to what you'd expect from real Hashish coming out of northern Africa, but with a higher THC content. But still maybe around 12%, which might seem low compared to strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Purple Kush.

    In the American market anyway, 9 to 12% THC is considered lowish nowadays. Mainly because the market wants higher THC, and medicinal weed generally has to have a higher THC to get effects patients need to deal with their medical issues. (Or higher CBD, low THC, for certain medical conditions like epilepsy.)
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