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  2. G13budsmoker

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    try an indica dominant strain, something like a kush strain
  3. WashougalWonder

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    I have no info, but have a son who is Bipolar and I would (I fucking wish he would try it) use any good heavy indica, especially on manic days.
  4. leadmagnet

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    I don't know what to suggest to an individual with bipolar disorder but with all them fucking periods you like to use I'm thinkin I have a little "" I could give you. Game?
  5. medicatedman

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    puffing magic

    keep puffing the magic its good for you. and its better than taking the pills that are recommended
  6. huredk

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    Taking the pills that are recommended is really profitable for you . I am agree with this thing and i am sure you have to take my advice.

    Thanks !!
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  7. legaluser

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    I was prescribed Sativa for bipolar, its good for depression
    cause its up. there is one called 'green crack' at my dispensary
    and it really does bring me up. If I can't get Sativa then Indica
    is my second choice. Results may very for each person.
  8. Kingpiner

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    i would recommend you try them all, trial and error seems like the best way to find your most suitable strain :D its probably worth noting what mood you are in when you take your medicine, imo it has the greatest effect on how it works with you

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