best strains for Crohn's / IBS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by bboy123, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. bboy123

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    hi everyone i suffer from crohns and IBS i want to know the following....

    1. if i want a strain which will give me a appetite what are best?

    2. if i want a strain that will relieve my pains what are best?

    3. i hear some have anti-inflammatory chartacteristics.... which ones are best and also should u take them regualrly like as a daily alternative to pentasa which doesnt really work for me ?

    please help as i dont want to be taking the wrong types
  2. bboy123

    bboy123 Registered

    can anyone help me please?
  3. AtillaTheMom

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    My family member swears by Grandaddy Purple for his IBS.
  4. bboy123

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    thank you for the reply but does he take it regularly or only when he is in pain?
  5. LOC NAR on probation

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    Any Strong Indica. You might have to try a few in your area to see what works.

    Northernlights is the best for me with Papaya coming in a close secound and Orangebud skunk 100 percent skunk. They help with the pain and sometimes gives me too much muchies. I find myself eating wierd shit if I use tooo much norternlights. LOL

    I used mmj on a regular basis and have never taken pharms for IBD (inflamatory bowel disease) same as chron's without the bowel obstructions. Mine can get pretty bad on some days. Hope this helps.

    Hey a friend tried headband it's almost 100 percent kush. It's next on the bucket list to grow with the Kush family.
  6. bboy123

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    well i am growing my own as i cant afford to buy from street and cant take the lads words as what they say u buying...

    right i got this hindu kush which is high indica so hopefully this helps but i will get hold of some northen lights and when u say u took on regular basis do u mean few tokes of it morning and night? just enough so u can get it in but not to many that u out of it for the day?
  7. dbud1369

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  8. bboy123

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    that link dont work mate ...i been recommended alot of different indica strains but no one has answered about whether they take it morning and night every day or few times week? i wanna make sure that anti-inflammatory is getting in me
  9. dasnowman1

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    Like anything booze drugs etc, different people respond to different strains because each person is different. It is best to try as many as you can and see what works for you. I find that one strain might work great for a week or less then will not be as effective once your body gets used to it.

    As for IBS... doctors don't know shit and label people with IBS without looking into the real issue or problem. I had doctors tell me I had IBS for over 10 years and also said nothing about any allergies etc i had. I went to a Natural Path Doctor (ND) and was told I was allergic to grains as back in the 50's they genically modified them in North America... Wheat, whole wheat, most grains even some oats fall under this.

    So now I basically only can have Spelt or other Old world grains but it made a huge difference. I also started drinking Vega natural shakes (berry Flavor) 1-2 times a day instead of a breakfast sandwich or something like that. Lost 15lbs in two months and feel way better, healthier and more regular.
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