Best trimmers? Need advice

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by jackpuck, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. jackpuck

    jackpuck Registered

    Hi guys,

    Which trimmer are you using? I am looking at an automatic trimmer but would like to know if it's worth the investment?

    Any advice? Any brand and model better?

  2. cigarettes42

    cigarettes42 Registered+

    well i tried a trimbox and they are annoying. the blades gets lots of resin on it and after a few plants it doesnt work as efficient. also they only do a rough trim and i like my buds to look pretty. anyways i just hand trim now and my expensive trimmer i bought now collects dust. if you have a big operation i heard many great reviews on the samurai power trimmer. YouTube - Samurai Power Trimmer
  3. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Looks like that would damage many trichomes.
  4. jackpuck

    jackpuck Registered

    Thanks but a bit too expensive! $14K. It's 10 times the price of the trimbox.
    But the Samurai seems to get the job done!
  5. lilianmedrano

    lilianmedrano Registered

    I will always recomend my Trimpro Friends.... They are considered as the Standard in the Hydroponics Industry in terms of trimming devices.

    8 trimmers to choose, starting price $ 795.00 (TRIMBOX)
    Did you check on the new TRIMPRO ROTOR ( HOT TRIMPRO MACHINE) 1, 100.00 | Trimpro Authorized dealer – Trimmer, Press
  6. jackpuck

    jackpuck Registered

    Yeah, this trimpro rotor seems like a good deal. Have you tried it? Anyone else?

  7. airdawg13

    airdawg13 Registered+

    In my opinion automatic trimmers are a waste of money. They hack up your bud and damage the thc trichromes. Why spend months growing marijuana then rush the trimming and curing process? The most common mistake I see is harvesting too soon. The second most common mistake is trimming and drying too fast. Trim by hand with bonsai scissors! Invite over some friends and family that you trust and have a trimming party.
  8. seventhchild

    seventhchild Registered+

    how big of a harvest are you expecting ?if 2 lb or less i'd recommend Fiskers soft touch spring loaded sissors from wal-mart or target.
  9. jackpuck

    jackpuck Registered

  10. jackpuck

    jackpuck Registered

    Can't wait to try it!

  11. leftreartire

    leftreartire Registered+

    the best timers are the 5 dollar timers at walmart made by brinks. that are the same extact timers you would get from hydrofarms just with out the label. they are a 10amp timer and unless you are plugging your intire grow room into it it works just fine. they can bet set for 10 minute interviles just like any other hydrofarm save the money for the electric bills and go get a brink timer at walmart
  12. darealbrain

    darealbrain Registered+

    leftreartire how can i send you a message
  13. Slevinkal

    Slevinkal Registered+


    not timers
  14. leftreartire

    leftreartire Registered+

    i saw a pretty good diy trimmer using a one of those dremils and some weed wacker line. it was pretty neat and the guy said it cost him 20 bucks at harboe freight. i am sure you could use your cordless drill. then you can adjust speeds as you pull the trigger. so take anything that fits in the chuck of you drill and drill and hole in it the size of weddwacker string and you have your own trimmer. sorr i thought it said timer earlier. but very simple diy and you can save the money for the electric bill. or more nutes
  15. thomjarl

    thomjarl Registered

    What I've noticed about the Trimpro Rotor is that you pretty much get two trimmers in one.
    Just take off the top and you have a "Trimpro Original". So if you're looking for any of these, go with the Rotor and you'll have both :)
  16. Minnesnowta

    Minnesnowta Registered+

    I am curious as well as to how large of a harvest you're planning? Don't need to be real specific if you don't want but a general idea would be great. I've never used an auto trimmer and never considered it because they are known to be rough on buds and I really like to get detailed with my trimming. My attention to detail there is probably because I only grow for myself, if I were growing for others I would definitely loosen up a bit on my trimming, not a whole lot but I think I'm almost excessive in what I do now. I separate my trimmings as well by first going through a rough trim first, and then a more precise trim afterwards which I use to roll bigger joints/blunts to sit around relaxing with so I can smoke something that lasts a while but isn't quite as powerful as smoking that much bud. I don't require a whole ton of medicine to be comfortable, and I don't like excessive medication.

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