Best Vape for Tiny Amounts?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Breukelen advocaat, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Breukelen advocaat

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    I used to smoke joints and full bowls of weed, but my age is catching up with me. :)

    I've never tried a vaporizer. I would like to get a home unit that is capable of vaping extremly small amounts - like a fraction of a normal bowl's worth, which is all I need to use with a standard metal pipe bowl. I already have a vaporgenie, which is good for portability, but I don't like inhaling the butane, and it's not very efficient for conserving weed because it often burns it up rather than vaporize. Any suggestions on an efficient, high quality electric model much appreciated!
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  4. dannyboy420

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    I have had an Herbalaire for over a year and love it. It was affordable and is extremely effective and efficient.

  5. vapefiend

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    Most vapes will do a tiny amount. Direct draw mode with the herbalAire, Vapolution. I've had both for a couple of years. For really small loads I love the Vapolution. Turn it sideways and it's great for micro hits with the 8" glass bowl. It does have its issue-no screen so no ground weed recommended.

    These two are very different vapes otherwise, and both have advantages. Other good ones out there too. Don't you have some other criteria? Size? Looks? Price?
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  6. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    I ordered a Herbalaire.

    If I really like it (vaporizing), I may get another make/model for variety, so I'll consider the other ones that were recommended here.

    Thanks for the advice, it was very helpful! :thumbsup:
  7. medman12

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    You made an excellent decision. Herbalaire's are amazing. Direct inhale is really quick too.
  8. polaskyparty

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    I own 3 different vaporizers the portable vap one, the hot box, and the volcano. The Vap One is crap and likes to burn product, te hot box is alright aas far as taste and quality go, but you get what you pay for and the Volcano is easily the best on all levels. Volcano has the best tasting vapor and seems to do the trick better than the rest.
  9. vapefiend

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    Actually the herbalAire is more efficient than the Volcano, and the 'cano is bag use only, so it's not the best "on all levels", especially "Best Vape for Tiny Amounts", which is the title of this thread. Best vape for tiny amounts would be direct draw, and since the herbalAire fits that bill, it's definitely the better choice for the OP.
  10. MeJCaLxZ

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    you can get a vapor dome for the volcano so i wouldnt say bag only ;)
  11. StickyfingahZ

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    I like my vapolution,I use a bit almost the size of a tictac.
  12. vapefiend

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    IMO sucking vapor mixed with air, pushed by a pump, from a glass dome, is much closer to the bag method than drawing heated air through herb with your lungs via a whip. Nothing wrong with bag use. I like it. But once you use a fan or pump the vapor density changes and the hits aren't the same.
  13. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    I received the HerbalAire today. To test it, I used a very small amount of leafy pieces at the lowest possible temperature. I yielded several direct hits of vapor, and several small bagfuls as well. The effect was very uplifting, yet mellow, and better than I expected for such a small amount. Thanks again for the suggestions and tips. :thumbsup:
  14. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    Glad you like it Breukelen. I'm happy with mine going on 2 yrs now. Just make sure you stay away from fine ground herb to avoid clogging up the screen on the main mouthpiece. That's the one that'll require cleaning anyway, but it lasts a lot longer between cleanings if you stick to pieces/chunks. The vape is incredibly efficient at thoroughly cooking small pieces. When the main mouthpiece screen starts to accumulate condensed vapor I usually set it right side up in a little bowl of ISO-just enough to cover the screen. After soaking for a while you can clean both sides of the screen with a cotton swab and you're ready to go. The crucible/bowl screen pretty much never needs cleaning. :thumbsup:

    That is one scary lookin avatar you've got. Looks like Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death.
  15. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Thanks for the tips!

    The weed I have now is mostly bud, but there is some loose material. I've considered putting an extra screen in the Crucible/bowl screen, to help prevent pollen and small grains from falling through, but don't know if this will have a negative effect on the ability of the heater to vape the herb effectivly.

    You're right, that is Widmark - I put the picture there when he died a few weeks ago.
  16. vapefiend

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    The times I've used fine ground I put a second screen in the bottom of the crucible and another about a quarter of the way down from the top, making a smaller chamber for the loose weed. That helps protect the small inlet holes in the heating chamber as well as the coarser screen in the mouthpiece. The herb gets cooked just fine. Another tip-at some point herbalAire changed their bags. They're a little thicker than the Toppits bags I like to use. Toppits bags, when overfilled, will burst, but you can hear the crinkling sound as the bag gets full, so it's not a big deal if you're in the room. HerbalAire bags will fill to a certain point and then leak, like a safety valve. So if you're not paying attention during a fill, you may find that nearly all the vapor has leaked out and you just have a bag of mostly air left. This results in vapor loss but you don't lose the bag. I can't be sure your bags are like this, but I bought some extras about 6 mos. ago (mainly for the connectors-to make more Toppits bags of different sizes) and that's what I got.
  17. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Can you recommend a good place to order the HerbalAire and/or Toppits bags from?

  18. onequickmove

    onequickmove Registered+

    my vapolution does well with little buds
  19. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    You got that right. One of the very best for vaping small amounts. I often use mine for micro hits.

    Do a search on ebay for 'volcano bags'. One of the auctions will be a 4 pack of volcano bags listed by Gotvape-price $17.95 with free shipping. By far the best price you'll find. Others are selling them for $7-8 per box, even with the 4 pack. They have a bunch available too. The box says volcano bags but the auction says they're made by Toppits, so I'd imagine they're the same ones I have. These bags have gone up in price here in the US due to the value of the $, so $18 is a great price. 3 meters per box. Just cut off the size you want to use, and get a bunch of plastic cable ties-small size. I usually put two ties on the top for a good seal. Needle nose pliers come in handy for tightening the ties too.

    If you want herbalAire bags (even if you just want the connector pieces), a 3 pack of bags w/connectors is $20 and Vaporstore has the cheapest shipping of any dealer.

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