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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by natel628, May 7, 2009.

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    I have the vapir oxygen mini, it works well, but for anyone that has owned it, there are a few downfalls to it. The buttons sometimes don't work, not a clean airflow, and the power cord sometimes comes out. I was looking into getting a new vaporizer. What is the best on the market right now for around $150? So far the best one seems to be Da Buddha
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    The Oxygen Mini is a portable. The Buddha is not. Do you want a portable or a home unit?
  3. natel628

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    ill still have the mini for portable, so a home unit
  4. lwien123

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    Ok. What is more important to you? Efficiency (getting high on the least amount of weed possible) or super-rich thick bong like rips? Is this going to be a party vape, or is this going to be more of a personal vape?

    Gotta answer those question first before making any recommendations here.
  5. natel628

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    efficiency. both party and personal.. i am not sure which one it would be more of. What makes the volcano so much more expensive?
  6. You're looking in the $150 range so we're not even talking about Volcanos. Look into getting an iOlite or a good whip vape, all within that price range. Try using google to find answers before you post in here. I've seen so many ridiculous posts and questions on these forums lately, it's pretty amusing. Most of the time I can google stuff and find the answer within the first 5 search
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  7. natel628

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    I'm completely aware of that, i was curious as to what makes it so much of a price difference
  8. Unfortunately there isn't 1 single person on these forums who can honestly and truly answer that question. Your best bet is to contact Storz & Bickel, the makers of the Volcano, and ask them what goes into their product and why it's the price that it is. There are also tons of threads and information all over the internet that simple google searching will help you with. Have a great day.:hippy:
  9. lwien123

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    Well, from an efficiency standpoint, the Purple Days (180.00), is in a class all it's own and is designed as a personal vape, but it doesn't make a good party vape. The BEST party vapes are bag vapes, and the 'Cano is the best in class for that type of vape.

    You can go to a whip based vape like Da Buddha or the VaporBros. Works well as a personal vape, not as good a party vape as a bag type vape, but better than the direct draw vape like the Purple Days. Also, the whip based vapes are no where near as efficient as the PD.

    If you said just personal and efficiency, I would recommend the Purple Days, hands down if you can stretch to 180.

    The reason that a bag type vape like the 'Cano makes it such a good party vape is that it totally eliminates user error, unlike whips which has a bit of a learning curve.

    I bet you're now more confused than ever, huh?

    Like 420 has said, there's TONS of stuff including videos on how these units work, and you may want to check them out. Either google them or go to Youtube and search vaporizers.

    Good luck in your search.
  10. natel628

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    ha actually i am not confused at all. I just heard of purple days the other day researching, it really is that much better..? my Vapir mini, .2 works great for 4 people.

    the purple days one takes 30 to 45 minutes to heat up..?
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  11. lwien123

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    It's designed to stay on 24/7 (uses 8 watts, equivilant to 2 night lights), so used in this way, it's instanteous. No heat up time.

    The PD is really designed as a VERY efficient vape for personal use. If you are going to be using it a lot between 4 people, I would suggest something else which ideally would be a bag vape, but those fall outside of your price range. Whips come in second in this regard and the ones that fall within your price range that are good choices are:

    VaporCannon by Vaporwarez
    Da Buddha
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