Best vaporizer on the market for the price?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Dankest Dude, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Dankest Dude

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    Title says it all. Whats the best vaporizer in your guy's opinions for price wise?
  2. TheBotanist

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    really depends on what you are looking to use it for groups or solo.

    If you are going for something just for you I would go with a Da Budda Vape they are amazing I rip line through my ROOR to get more volume.
  3. paulakush

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    Vaporesso Veco One Kit it's actually pretty cool. I bought 2 of them because my mom, she has arthritis. It was like 35 each.
    I found it on this website
  4. Iyeshia Glover

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    You can check out quality vaporizers for a low price at my link

  5. John Williams

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    I'd say one of the butane torch powered one's, like the astonishing Dynavap M. This masterpiece of design and invention, that will last forever, is just £49
    I have seen it at £47.
    That's an amazing price for something that never fails. If you like it get the titanium one at three times that price, and it is still cheaper than a battery powered vape.
    Slightly more expensive but really easy to use is the classic Lotus pipe. This costs £99, or you can get a kit with a waterpipe adapter, a glass j hook sherlock and the original solid aluminium stem, in a little pouch for about £112.
    That's good value you're getting two different pipes.
    The Lotus is really easy to use, you will be producing huge clouds of vapour on your first attempt, the Dynavap requires you to get "the knack", I found it pretty simple. Follow the instructions exactly.
    Both of these are also effectively on demand convection vapes, so your herb isn't wasting in between draws.
    There is nothing to fail on either of these units so they will last forever.
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  6. Plumber07

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    Interesting. Been looking for a good vape for a reansonable price. $50 ain't bad. Thanks for posting.
  7. John Williams

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    This one has been around a couple of years. It is the easiest vape to use I've come across. I got it out of the packaging, glanced at the instructions amd I was immediately getting thick clouds.
    I think one of the virtues, apart from the obvious convection advantages, durability, efficiency etc, is that us ex smokers get a ritual, get to play with lighters etc.
    I am really pleased I have discovered these butane powered vapes. I have spent a fortune on a Crafty, an IQ, and a Firefly 2, and none of them are a patch on either of these. :)
    I've just ordered a "Sticky Bricks Junior", a beautiful block of cherry wood. I'll report on that when I've tried it. This is the link to the Lotus review.

    Cheers all, John :)
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  8. Adabldo

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    Dry herb for the price this Rhino by hecig is fresh off the boat, it rocks. check out this lil vid

    For wax you can use a glass globe basic starter kit, most people say that the fancy ones are better, the basic starter kits are great for managing your consumption, small amounts that can give you 3-5 controlled hits without much waste.

    To tell you the truth like me if you are trying to vape a butt load (just short of an ass load) I like to use this as my daily driver the Honour Quad Quartz Atomizer with a 1400 mah battery, and an attached dab container, and airflow adjust and a good price point to boot
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  9. Adabldo

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    Many basic starter kits look like this, there are many out there, but for price, delivery, ease of use, and easily replaceable parts i travel with this guy

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