best way for girl to sneak pee

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by me0144, May 5, 2010.

  1. me0144

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    are there any chicks on here that have experience and know the best way to sneak pee in?
  2. demoreal

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    I am not a girl but if I was I would put it in a vile in my vagina.
    It would keep it the right temp too.
  3. me0144

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    well i'm also wondering if there is way to do it while being supervised, cuz i am not sure if it is going to be or not
  4. demoreal

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    can't help

    I have no idea. that is a good question. You will need a lady to help you out with that one.
    You could try to get it in some type of vile that can squirt it out so it sounds like urine. i don't know.
    you need to find out how they supervise it.
    good luck
  5. freakinfred

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    Well...the big thing is are you sure you are going to be supervised? Is this for a job...probation????

    I am female by the way.... :hippy:

    If it is not is WAY easy. And I hate to say it but you may be screwed as a female on subbing if you are supervised... a couple of things you can try depending on how closely you are supervised. A flip top bottle inserted vaginally...but you have to be careful because the top clicks when you open it. AND if you squeeze too hard when emptying it will sound like emptying a shampoo or mustard bottle. The other is non-lubricated condoms....wash it really really good to where you don't feel the powder anymore...only the rubber and TRY to insert that....not sure how you could prick it (lmao no pun intended) to make it come out at the volume and pressure you need.

    If it is pre-employment...and you aren't being called back to retest....just crotch it with a heat pack or two...depending on how long you think your wait will be.

    Hope this helps a little.....and Good Luck!!!
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