Best way for making super potent butter/oil?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by acursedblade, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. acursedblade

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    Ok, so I am a medical marijuana patient in NorCal and I have run into a wall. I very regularly eat edibles and I have thus aquired a very high tolerance. In an average day I consume around 45-55g of cannabis. Now the problem that arises is that I barely have the appetite for all of that. Is there any way to make say a few tablespoons of butter or oil strong enough to be able to put around 20-25g in one edible? I also just harvested so I have a large amount of high quality fans, shake, and flowers.

    Any help would be GREATLY appriciated, and a note to the moderators, if I have placed this in the wrong forum, I am sorry and please move it where it is supposed to go.
  2. melodious fellow

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    Did you forget a decimal point?

    Two ounces per day? $$$$$$$$ I want your job / your farm!

    Anyway, you could always make concentrates like hash oil.
  3. acursedblade

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    Concentrates are good and I already make them, I'm simply wondering how to make the absolute strongest butter/oil/something to use in edibles for the fact that I enjoy the feeling more and it helps me better.
  4. melodious fellow

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    You are decarboxylating your buds before cooking with them right? It vastly increases the potency and efficiency of extractions for edibles.

    If you want the absolute strongest butter or cooking oil possible, you certainly don't want to be using grass as it would be very difficult to get 20+ grams of erb in an edible from grass.

    Your best bet would be to make honey oil or hash oil from some dank using either butane or ethanol (Everclear) as your solvent. The former is cleaner, the latter is safer and easier. Then, simply melt your honey oil or hash oil into your butter or cooking oil at low temperature. Use either butter or coconut oil as these are highly saturated and will thus be more efficient.

    I had to quit smoking, so I am doing the edibles thing a few days per week. I've been making firecrackers with about .5g of dank in each. The first night I had one, I had a panic attack. Same thing the second night I had one. Now they are starting to not really do much at all though. I can't imagine what eating 45g-55g of weed would be like. I've never even seen that much weed hahaha.
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    i read in another post that one ounce of 70% alcohol is saturated at 6 grams of pure THC so if you make bubble has and use that to make green dragon. then you could evaporated like half the alcohol and you would have 12 grams per ounce. i dont know how strong you need or even if green dragon is even something you want to do. but you could mix an ounce of the green dragon with a 20 ounce soda and prolly wouldnt have much alcohol taste to it.
  6. grumio

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    I second Melodius's idea: make hash oil first. I just put 2.2g of QWISO into 4 ounces of olive oil, & it's very strong. Gonna try it in clarified butter next.

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