Best way to clean a bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by DoubleJointed, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. DoubleJointed

    DoubleJointed Registered

    I need to know a way to clean my bong
    but where i need to clean is to hard to reach
    so i was wanted to know if theres any better ways or unique tips?
  2. josemartinez915

    josemartinez915 Registered+

    fill your bong with whatever liquid your using to clean, and shake it!
  3. josemartinez915

    josemartinez915 Registered+

    and cover all holes of course :stoned:
  4. josemartinez915

    josemartinez915 Registered+

    that last post was at 4:20 haa, sorry im :stoned:
  5. Barney Trouble

    Barney Trouble Registered+

    i use isopropyl alcohol, salt, and hot water
  6. iHeartSTI

    iHeartSTI Registered+

    Go to a smoke shop. And buy some 420 cleaner or a cleaner called 'Bling.' That stuff works great. But it doesnt clean the neck of the bong too well.

    For that you can either buy a big wire brush (something soft that wont scratch metal.) or what i did was i went to a hardware store and bought a scotch bright pad and wrapped it around my plunger handle. stuck that down the neck of my bong...good as new!

    Good luck bro! there is nothing like a nice clean bong.
  7. Twentyinches

    Twentyinches Registered+

    You can always pick up a good cleaner, but whatever you use add some pellets in there (pellet gun pellets) or something similar and shake like crazy... That is if you have gunk stuck to the sides.. works awesome for me:thumbsup:
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  8. jsn9333

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    I saw a post on this board recommending oxyclean, and after trying it I can't imagine using anything else. Plug the bottom and then fill the bong up with a strong solution of oxyclean and water. Let it soak over night. Rinse it out with hot water the next morning and all the nastyness will be completely gone. No scrubbing necessary at all. That is my experience, at least.
  9. AliceDee

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    91% Isopropyl Alcohol - $1.50/qt
    Sea Salt - $1.00
    Pipe Cleaners - $1.00

    I put the alcohol (undiluted) in the bottom, about 1/2 the volume that I keep the water level at, then pour in some sea salt. Put some baggies over the top and female piece and put some rubberbands around them. Then shake it up! After about 30 seconds of shaking rinse it out really good with water and you should have a nice sparkly bong.

    My piece is kinda hard to clean to because of the the 3 holes but this method works great and fast for me.

    Before - After (Quick 5 min cleaning, the carbon filter keeps it pretty clean though.)

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  10. Twentyinches

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    Nice piece, I see a packed bowl! I see a packed bowl!!! :D care to pass that this way? :jointsmile:

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