Best Way to Clean a Perculated Bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by YahtzeeG, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. YahtzeeG

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  2. tenajtimmad

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    be very careful with, as im sure you will be. just try using hot water, rubbing alcohol, and epsom salt. also, after your done using it after each session try to wash it out right away.. it kind of makes it easier in the long run when you decide to wash it fully
  3. HitokiriBlazer

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    buy some purple power. it'll clean anything up in minutes. btw, sick bong. i've been wanting one of those for some time now.
  4. TheDefiler

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    Ya the Trinity's are nice. I want one so fucking bad but I can't afford it. Anyone got any ideas for any cheap percolator bongs?
  5. TheDefiler

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    Check out how they make these things! It's awesome!

  6. YahtzeeG

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    yeah it is pretty sick... but it gets dirty so fast.... purple power is like 420 cleaner though?
  7. phatmax666

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    I use purple power in my glass/acrylic bong all the time clean goods, remove smell and seem like new after !!! About 10$CDN a 16oz bottle and you can reuse it !!!

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