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    What would be the best way to cure marijuana? Glass jars? In a baggie in plastic jars? I am not worried about covering the smell, but want the most ideal way to cure it. Avoiding mold and all that. Is there a certain temp to keep it around? Thanks for any info. Thought this was the best place to ask, sorry if it shouldn't be here. :) Also does the strain matter? I'm going to be curing ak47 this coming October. Does that make a difference on how to cure it? Thanks again :D

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    A glass jar with an air-tight seal is quality for curing buds. Keep it in a shaded area (sunlight degrades THC) and room temp. Depending on how wet your bud is, cure from 1-3 weeks, opening your jar once or twice a day. This will control mold growth if you are renewing the air in the jar.

    As far as differences in curing methods among strains, I believe there won't be much variation at all. I don't know this for sure but it's what I assume.:stoned:
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    Have you tried using the search function? I'm pretty sure there's an FAQ on drying and curing.
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    I have to second what Pete said, I find that most of my answers, I would normally ask can be found using the search button.
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    check out the link in my signature

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