Best way to Ingest without Smoking?

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by Missteak, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Missteak

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    So I've been smoking here for quite some time, but as a recent development I've been coughing up blood. I think I may have bronchitis irritated by all the smoking I do in my spare time, but that's beside the point..
    I was wondering what's the best way to ingest marijuana without actually smoking it.?
    Keep in mind that this is on a limited budget so I can't do anything that requires tons of ingredients or expensive equipment. Pretty much I want something that will get me "high as fuck" as quickly as possible.
    Please and thank you.
  2. stinkyattic

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    First, you absolutely MUST go see a doctor in regards to the blood. That could be a sign of something very serious, and lung infections are life-threatening. Being 'high as fuck' is not worth risking hospitalization or death over. And this is a medical cannabis site.

    Many medical users have switched to vaporizers.
    I like caramels. The recipe is linked within my washed cannabutter tutorial.
    Cannabutter on toast is another perfectly functional way to get your breakfast bud fix.
    Firecrackers are very popular among folks who like to be very discreet with their pot consumption, and if you make them with whole grain crackers and organic peanut butter, are quite nutritious as well- you get a lot of folic acid and fiber from the combination.
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  3. Missteak

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    Yeah, I'm making an appointment today.
    Thanks for the advice.
  4. grumio

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    Ditto what SA says - butter/oil is great.

    Vaping is great too. I use a Makita heat gun ($70), either with a bong or bags.

    Tincture. Check out Master Wu's Green Dragon thread in the Concentrates sub-forum. Tincture is the best bang-for-buck I've found so far (but I'm still looking...). An eighth makes ~50-60 ml, & I use 1-4 ml for a dose (4 very rarely :stoned:) YMMV.

    Edibles take some getting used to - they work best on an empty stomach, they take a while to come on (90 minutes or so for butter, about half that for tincture), and last a whole lot longer than smoking or vaping (butter seems to last longer than tincture).
  5. Storm Crow

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    Here's the biggest batch of recipes I've found-

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Cannabis Recipes

    Then run a search on "Green Dragon". There is a great thread here on it!

    Stinkyattic has a nice one on cannabutter.

    And get a vape! They give you the fast high without the combustion crud! A Vapor Brothers will set you back about $180 and is worth every cent (and I'm low income). There are cheaper knock-offs available.

    There was an episode on that crab fishing show (my sons enjoy it)- the captain was spitting up blood. They finally had to get a chopper and evac him. Turns out if they hadn't, he would have died. 'Nuff said.

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  6. signman2007

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    I just heard this now so no EXPERIANCE here...but if you could make very strong Cannaoil or even budder and fill up some large suppositories and up they go and the high supposedly is the best!:smokin:
  7. Come on man he doesnt need to put anything in his butt. :mad::mad::mad:
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  8. signman2007

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    Dude you should chill with your ill comment. I had a good friend dying with Brain cancer and he was an avid smoker to the end on the only thing in those LAST days was supppositories and it took all his pain away and allowed him to SMILE and that is enough to make a man cry if that is your Good Mate to see them go thru that and the see a suppository put a smile so huge on a mans face who only has hours to live.....well bud untill you've been there ,,,,hush!
  9. signman2007

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    Damn it always makes me mad to see people not believe and say stupid shit on a public if you don't believe then you have only been smoking the shit shwag you get 2 doors down. I am not a suppository man but If I had hours to live and I had a good enough Mate that put them up there , are you crazy.....would you say NO????????????
    I grow Med grade Cannabis for and supply patients I do not gab for shits and giggles here. I am 37 yrs old and have alot of experience in Hydro grow so what I say is heart please do not degrade what I say until you talk to me privately!.....thanks!
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  10. Storm Crow

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    Signman, hon, calm down,

    The dude spoke out of ignorance, and ignorance is curable. Most folks aren't aware how efficient a suppository can be. It's not an area of medicine that is used, or even talked about, much any more. You have to expect that most folks won't be uninformed about medical matters beyond what they see on TV! I'm sure he feels like a real fool about now.

    Cannabis is such a miracle, but the ignorance about it is appalling! Only through educating others (even those in our own "crowd") will it be accepted for what it is- a remarkably versatile healing herb.

    I am sorry about your friend, but he was luckier than some, he had your compassionate friendship and cannabis.

  11. melodious fellow

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    are suppositories more efficient because they cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly, bypassing proceses such as digestion (which can degrade some of the medicinal cannabinoids/chemicals)??

  12. Are you kidding me right now? You say i just heard this now and i have no experience with it. Well first off that means your 3 posts dont really add up now do they? 37 year old spelling experience with an a. Your really building that believability you seem to be so struggling to gain. This guy is not bedridden he can obviously still eat why would he shove things up his ass to get high. I still stand by the fact this guy doesnt need to put anything in his butt. If anything i dont think your flippant response was warranted at all. The joking manner of your original post and you smiley did not really make me think you were thinking about this cancer patient friend of the past more rather making a joke hence the smiley? Why not mention your friend in your first post and thats how you know of these suppository weed cocktails probably cause its a lie. Lastly just to point out nowhere did i say i did not believe that your method of ingestion does not work i just said it is not necessary. I still dont even get why you went off on me in the first place maybe you should do a better job reading what you write and remembering what you wrote earlier in the thread cause one of your posts clearly is "gab".
  13. stinkyattic

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    Hey folks, legitimate method for someone who can neither smoke nor keep food or liquids down, probably not necessary in this case; however, I don't see where the fuss began. Can it at least find an end (and not the BUTT end har har har)?
  14. I dont like being labeled by people who dont know me this includes the govt. :thumbsup:
  15. grumio

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    Well, if you have your head up your...


    couldn't resist.


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