Best way to keep room smelling good?

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  1. Candnloveweed420

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    Hey guys,

    I am moving into a house with a few other guys next year close to campus, and I am getting my own room. I want to smoke in my room, but I want to try to keep the room smelling nice. I understand that by choosing to smoke in my room I am also choosing to make it smell like smoke, but thats not really what I'm getting at. So does anyone know if those crappy plug-in scents work? Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot
  2. smok3y

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    The plug in things are ok for Ciggerett smoke, but aint the best for covering weed smell, unless you got about 5 pluged in at

    I like to use a fabreez, it does the job nicley and it leaves a nice smell with out giving you a sore head..
  3. jimmy8778

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    incense? works well for me, they have a whole assortment of scents and the such. nag champa smells like burning graham crackers.
  4. FreshNugz

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    You could try lighting a scented candle while actually covers it right away, especially if you light it a bit beforehand to get the smell going. Keep it burning a bit after, and you'll smell the scent not the smoke.
    Good luck:thumbsup:
  5. Breukelen advocaat

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    In order to be discreet, I would probably use a vaporizer in that situation, most of the time, and also use sprays and/or an air purification machine to clean up whatever odors remain.

    I currently use Lysol Neutra Air, but the best I've ever used was Ozium spray - very little is needed, I don't know how it works today, but when it was manufactured in highly pressurized aeorsol cans it lasted for a long time........ it's very good at getting rid of smoke and eliminates, rather than just covers up, odors. It's recommended for dorm rooms.
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  6. silkyblue

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    Fresh air, open or crack a window, if you can, everytime you spark up, got fans, keep circulating air, the vapes [ vaporizers] I read are wonderful, for descreet smokin pleasure, not excluded

    candles always lead free, strawberry incense from wildberrys [ spark safely], oil spray, buy small glass or plastic bottle of oil, for 3 dollars, mix in an empty spray bottle, with water, spray the carpet too and all cloth materials,

    last longer and is way alot cheeper, ya get high volumes for your buck
  7. josemartinez915

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    just have a fan blowing air out your window, and blow your smoke out that. even if you dont have a fan just blow it out the window, weed smell doesnt last very long with a cracked window
  8. jagarr

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    i think weed smells kinda great... even that lingering room smell.
    way better than cigs indoors.

    so the best way to keep your room smelling good is to smoke lots of ganj in it :D

    seriously though...
    candles work fine for me, window open when its worth doing so.

    fake edit: 200th post!

    real edit: when i smoke indoors at home and my mom gets angry (shes cool with it really but i think she feels like she has to 'be a mom' about it) it usually takes 4-5 straight nights of multiple joints in my room for her to really notice the smell lingering around. all i do is crack the window and sleep w it open - i dont even blow the smoke outside.

    pot smells super distinct but doesn't linger long. i don't think i know anyone that cant smell weed burning from like a mile away.
    our neighbors at college would come by and say 'wow it smells AMAZING in here' or 'we smelled your shit from two houses down' but then my landlord would come a few hrs later and not even comment on the smell, long as we did some odor eaters spray crap and left the doors open for a bit.
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  9. Dream of the iris

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    These are all good but the one thing they all have in common is the enevitable fact that it will smell like pot for a short time. The method I use, you can smoke in the room without using a fan or a window (though it works better with them) and not even smell smoke.

    What I do is I get one of those really small one hitters right? Then what I do is light it up and just as I am about to stop I quickly put the lighter over the top as to cover the entire tiny bowl. Now keep in mind as I am placing the lighter on the one hitter I am still breathing in. This is very important because if you stop inhaling and do this excess smoke will come out. I then grab my thumb and cover the other side where I put my mouth on. I hold it in for as long as I can, usually for me its about 40 to 60 seconds. Then I grab a spoof and blow through that. By doing this all of excess smoke within the one hitter fails to escape and by holding it in for that long little if no smoke comes back out but just in case a little does you have the spoof to back you up. Oh yeah and don't forget to take in the excess smoke that's trapped in the one hitter.

    This can work without opening a window or using a fan but for extra measures I usually cover up the bottom part of the door and have a window open with a window fan blowing outside. When I use this technique I usually also go to the window and cover myself in the curtains where the fan is at. Also make sure and have something to cover your breath, your hands, and eyes because those are the obvious places to search when suspecting a pothead. My advice would be to put eye drops in before smoking so you don't forget which I always do. And then after you smoke use a hand sanitizer to wipe off the potential ash that could have gotten smeared on your hands and to get rid of the pot smell. Also have some gum handy for the breath and just for extra extra measures use fabreez to cover up any other smells. Never use axe or something because it would be weird to your roomates if they smelled that all the time. At least with fabreez you can justify using it to make your room smell better. No one uses axe to make they're room smell better. Its always for body oder.

    Anyway hope that helps.


    oops lol I misinterrpreted the topic. I thought you didn't want these people to find out you smoked. I took a lot of thought into it anyway so I'll keep it.
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  10. Weekend_Warrior

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    buy one of those scented oil warmerss with the tea lights. i have one thats got a trippy dragon holding the dish with fire.
  11. jimmy8778

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    ^those do work good, i find that the cinnamon ones that are popular in the fall around thanksgiving and christmas have the strongest, and bestest, smell/odor coverage
  12. buttyrekka

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    in the grow FAQ's their's postmandaves inexpensive odour neutraliser.a bucket with a small a fan on top and crystals inside,the fan sucks dirty air in the bucket,crystals clean the air=your room smells beutiful(you can put different smells in the bucket as well(mint,lavender or even banana)it works perfect check it out!!!
  13. samostalan

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    So many solutions that work:

    -Open your window; if you can, sit next to it and blow the smoke outside.
    -Burn incense; it covers the smell like no other imo.
    -Use a vaporizer
    -Bake the goods when you can
  14. Kryptonite24

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    i use incense. keeps my room smellin bossy
  15. stinkyattic

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    Do your laundry weekly whether you feel you need to or not.
    Change the sheets.
    Air the place out on nice days.
    Leave that bag of hockey equipment in the garage.
    Mop up spills immediately.
    And for God's sake, NO TACO BELL! EVER!!!
  16. LoveStoned

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    I love the Fabres plug ins. They are REALLY good. I also use the spray and it also works very well..
  17. PlantHeadJ

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    Ozium Orange, Ona odor neutralizing gel, incense like the adirondak balsem fir works mint! Small ozinators work well too.
  18. Greenthing

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    Go out and find a few road kill animals and keep them in your room the smell of them should disguise the smell of smoke.;) LOL
  19. 4drian

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    Radha krishna Temple Incense :jointsmile:

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  20. justanotherbozo

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    Build your own Odor Neutralizing Machine

    try this man, and i don't take credit for it, i got it from another site and it was posted by 'Videoman'

    You will need:

    1. A five gallon bucket
    2. A "muffin" fan, or a round fan of some sort that has the motor built into the compact frame of the fan. (See pics and you will understand.)
    3. A drill
    4. A one pound container of Soil Moist, which is a water absorbing crystal. You can find it at almost all nurseries and gorw shops.
    5. ONA, or Odor Neutralizing Agent. YOu can get it at most grow shops or "baby" shops for new mommies.
    6. A 5 gallon bucket lid, which may be optional.

    Step 1.

    Get yourself a muffin fan, or a Durex brand or Holmes brand circular fan with base. They are very common at Wal-Mart and can usually be bought for less than $8 US. The reason you should get this brand of fan is because after you have removed the base, it fits perfectly into a five gallon bucket.

    Step 2.

    Using a flat screwdrive, pry of the nubs on the base and remove the screws.

    Step 3.

    Remove the fan from the base. Keep all the parts in case you might want the fan again someday.

    Step 4.

    Place the fan into the five gallon bucket, frontside up. If you boght the holmes brand fan pictures here it will fit VERY snugly. You don't even have to secure it in place.

    (If it is smaller than the opening, then cut a hole, smaller than the diameter of the fan, into the bucket lid. Use some floral wire and secure the fan to the lid so that you can place the lid onto the bucket.)

    Step 5.

    Drill about 8 or 10 holes around the bucket.

    Step 6.

    Remove the fan/lid and put about 9 cups of water into the bucket. Then put about 1 cup of the ONA into the bucket and mix it up. Be careful, it can smell pretty strong at first

    Step 7.

    Put about a cup or two of the soil moist into the bucket. Make sure that all of the liqued is absorbed. You don't have to use alot! The crystals expand to about 50 times their size.

    Step 8.

    Set the fan on the lowest setting and put it back on the bucket. Plug it in and put it somewhere in the corner of your grow room. I don't actually have mine in the closet itself...

    You will notice a difference in about 5 minutes!

    You may need to tweak it for your own grow room, but that's the basic design. Thanks!

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