Best way to keep track of a grow?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by AlexPanth, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. AlexPanth

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    Hi Guys,

    I recently finished my first grow (thanks in large part due to guidance provided by this community) and it went better than expected! Granted, I wasn't expecting much, but regardless :D

    One thing that helped me in the later stages of the grow was keeping track of various information (feeding schedule, days since light cycle change, etc) so that I could easily remember when I needed to get certain things done. I am thinking that for my next grow I'll keep closer track to see if I can see how differences in conditions impact the yield from each one of the plants.

    Does anyone else here keep track of their grows? If so, do you guys use a notebook or Excel or do you have a different method? I was using a notebook but I'm curious what others found works best for them.

  2. gardenermendo

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    I keep minimal notes about growing, as it does remind me of what I could improve.
    But overall, I don't keep written anything... for security, it's best to not have stuff others would find.

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