Best way to light proof intake holes?

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by JunkYard, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. JunkYard

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    I thought about drilling a couple six inch holes at the bottom of the grow room wall, and building a sub floor to cover them. Then, cut some air paths in the floor beams, and just cut like one 8" hole in the floor itself where the air would be sucked up. This would eliminate the light, but I'm not sure how practical it would be. It would also make for a nice place to hide my stash. At first I was thinking the floor would be raised 12", but I think 10" would be a better choice, as my room is only six' tall at its lowest point.

    Then I thought about using PVC U joints, but I don't know?

    What's the best way to light proof intake holes

  2. Zandor

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    Well light does not bend through 90's if you want to use vent pipe and double 90's that works.
  3. JunkYard

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    Thanks, Zandor.. ..I meant 90's but was thinking they were U's, lol! :D Best way, yes? Cheapest for sure.. ..

    Would two 6" intakes and one 6" exhaust powered by a 449 cfm clear a 3 X 5 X 6 room with a 600 watt HID and regulate heat well enough?

  4. LiquidMagik

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    I was thinking of doing the 90 degree bend as well, and was told by the person that at hydro shop that even though you are killing opportunities for light, you're also cutting down your airflow by 50% for each 90 degree bend (so 2 90's would only be 25% airflow as normal). Is this correct?
  5. xcrispi

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    4 in. round darkroon vents like 6.00 each . place was in ct. check the net.
  6. JunkYard

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    Thank you crispi.. ..I found them, and will be using them, if not the 8 inchers.. .. They're a bit more pricy, but still not bad for 18 bucks, and they look good, too.

    I had never thought about dark room vents, or louvers before, haha


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