Best way to preserve bud?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by skarz, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    Hey all... I have some fine buds that I would like to hold on to until the summer. Right now I have them sealed inside two zip-loc bags, which are inside a plastic gladware container, kept in a dry climate and out of sunlight. Will this be fine for preserving the bud for 3 months? I know vacuum sealing/freezing would work the best, but that's not really an option right now. If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know!!
  2. 2muchOPTIMO

    2muchOPTIMO Registered

    a nice jar?
  3. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+

    just suck the air out of the bags and in an air tight container
    in the dark and in a place with a nice temp and i think it will be fine
  4. FlyGuyOU

    FlyGuyOU Registered+

    I have a glass jar with a cork topper. it holds about an 8th for as long as it takes me to smoke an 8th
  5. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    I think I'm going to suck the air out of the bags and then put them in a large glass jar with a rubber seal... hopefully that keeps it decent for a few months until me and my friends can enjoy it.
  6. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+

    i think it will be good. make sure the bags are new so they close right and dont have any rips or what not.
    good luck though:jointsmile:
  7. FlyGuyOU

    FlyGuyOU Registered+

    if you really want something to keep for awhile. vaccum seal it
  8. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    There is no way I could possibly hold on to some nice buds and not touch them for the next 3 months
  9. stoner00

    stoner00 Registered

    just smoke it, andf buy some bud again after
  10. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I've had good results from freezing it. Make sure most all moisture is gone first.
  11. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    Make sure the weed is dry before storing it away other wise if its damp or wet it will go mouldy..

    You could use a air tight mason jar.. There ideal for storing weed..:D
  12. Squeaker24

    Squeaker24 Registered

    baggies are not advised to store weed in - something about the oils break down the potentcy (SP) - glass jars all the way - I have had weed stored in jars for over a year now and as long it is in a cool DARK place it just keeps curing and getting better
  13. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    As already stated, plastic bags are not ideal for storage. I use glass jars that I got from a dollar store. You can get bigger ones or small ones. I got 4 jars for $10, so I'd try one of those stores.

    Make sure the buds are good and dry before storage as well. Being in a darkish, airtight container is a recipe for mold.
  14. Gunner420

    Gunner420 Registered+

    it'll work....everytime i re-up i re-up on a qp......and i keep my shit in an airtight mason jar in my freezer, even when i get to the last little bit of my weed i cant tell a difference in freshness compared to when i first got it.....and that lasts me like...2 months or so...even when i didnt put it in the freezer i still couldnt tell a difference, so yeah dude, that should work
  15. Gunner420

    Gunner420 Registered+

    and oh more thing....if ur puttin it in some typa airtight glass jar....dont even keep it in the baggies, just put it in the jar
  16. The Dude Of Life

    The Dude Of Life Registered+

    I actually like storing in a glass rather than a plastic jar. theres something about the glass that makes it cure out really well, and smell really good.
  17. hvytoker

    hvytoker Registered

    i just use those orange viles you get prescription pills in. Just go to your local pharmacy and they will give you one for free :]
  18. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    wicca box
  19. ganjuttiboy

    ganjuttiboy Registered

    i just bought good amount of veg today. i couldnt preserve this veg before. they give it to me in a wrapped paper. couple of days later the ganja would turn into cripsy powder. one of the reason i think is because my room has a air conditioner.

    today i wrapped all my veg (ganja) in a polithin bag. sucked all the air out. wrapped couple of elastic rubber. i hope it will be good.

    i think its better to use a small jar or as people mentioned above. i must buy a very small plastic jar.

    the thing is i still have to hide it somewhere. i live with my parents :(

    and im from Bangladesh.
    anyone here from the sub continent ?
  20. MDFinest

    MDFinest Registered+

    thc binds to plastic alot easier than it does glass. Use glass.. NEVER anything plastic for the long term!

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