Best way to remove the "honey" from your vaporizer attachments

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by oneill61884, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Hello, I just recently purchased a extreme V and couldn't be happier. I am new to vaporizing but trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can about it. I am wondering whats the best way to remove the "honey" brown substance that accumulates in the hosing/glass mouthpiece. I figured maybe some of you very nice forum readers might help me out here a little bit. :) from my understandings its something worth saving.

    Thank You.
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    You have no idea how worth saving it is, I'm ripped to shreds right now on two capsules I've made from the condensed vapor. My herbalaire came with a tube for cleaning, I then let the alcohol get saturated with condensed vapor. Once the iso is nice and brown I dump it out into a dish to evaporate. It takes me about 2 to 3 months to get enough for 25 or so capsules, smoking 1.2gs a day. Here's a couple shots, before and after.

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  3. Looks interesting but if you keep your attachments clean then you don't have to worry about how to remove anything.:hippy:
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    Apparently that is worth saving. I know someone that could fill those capsules in a day!

    t00fatt: Do you have a step by step process. Little things you may do, may make a big difference to a new person trying it? Looks like a real good idea too! Is this info in the vaping section? Kinda wealth of knowledge! PR:thumbsup:
  5. oneill61884

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    But what are you using to remove the "honey" from the tubing? do you have a little squeegee? I heard of people just soaking everything in the alcohol but I don't plan on soaking my tubing in alcohol and getting the nasty after taste from soaking it.
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one but I can't say I've seen or heard about anyone doing it before. I use 91% iso, I would use acetone but the pieces for my herbalaire are teflon. If I had a glass whip I would use the purest most expensive acetone you can find. All the alcohol or acetone evaporates, this how hash oils are made, in addition to butane which is the better method. Here we are just collecting the vapor that has condensed along the way to the bag. I fill the cleaning tube with some iso and throw a piece in at a time, when it is clean I pull it out and shake it off. Then clean several pieces in the same iso over a period of about a week then I dump it into the bowl to evaporate. Once I eyeball a gram or two of "hash" in the dish I then just follow the cannacapsules recipe for the capsules. Or you can just smoke it and get ripped, but the taste is not as good as honey oil. The capsules are serious and way stronger then when I have made them with fire buds.

    EDIT: And yeah if your using a whip vape I wouldn't try to use what comes out of the tubing.
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  7. I already get 4 uses out of my bud which is double the efficiency of smoking. I guess if I really wanted to, after a long time, cut the bags and get the resin aka "honey" out. It seems like too much work for such minor results. I've never heard anyone doing this so I doubt it's very popular. You might as well start a thread asking how to extract "honey" from baggies, jars, my hands, grinders, brushes, etc I mean c'mon, I bet 90% of vapers don't do this. If you vaporize, be happy that you're already smarter, safer, and more efficient than any smoker. I still enjoy a joint, bong or bubbler from time to time so we should extract "honey" from there too right?? No wait...resin tastes nasty. Plus if my vape bag is dirty enough for substantial "honey" removal, it's time for a clean bag. Then my buds just fall into each of my 4 uses rather than going through this process for some weak resin that probably won't do anything to the daily, high tolerance user. Give it a try if you're really desperate for THC. :hippy:
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    Disagree. I think many vapers do. A poll would be interesting.

    I just ISO'd a mason jar and my grinder. Lots of good stuff there, and it's REALLY easy to do, so why not? Gets everything clean AND I get stuff to get high on and takes no time at all. Win, win, win. :thumbsup:
  9. The problem is there is ALWAYS bud in my jars so I'm never desperate for residue. lol :stoned::hippy:

    Poll wouldn't be accurate because some have multiple names they use on these forums...:cool:
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    Desperate? Nope, never desperate. It's just kinda nice to get that stuff and add it to a bowl in the vape. Not only that, but it's kinda fun to see what and how much ya get after the ISO evaporates. It's just so easy to do, and gets everything so clean, so why not?
  11. Oh I don't know, I just like vaping bud and hash and since I always have it, there's no reason to resort to any other measures, easy or hard. Why mix in a house sirloin when you already have filet mignon?:jointsmile::hippy:
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    to me thats like smokin resin.....:thumbsup: its a good resin without the ash to make it black

    I cant collect with the volcano...but the VCB I have from VRIPTECH gets the honey...I use a heat gun to heat up the honey liquifies and I let it drip on a bud.....then its back in the vaporizer.

    one thing I can say It doenst get me any higher than the weed I vape;)
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  13. That pretty much says it all and since I always have bud, I'll stick with the taste from the bud/hash. This idea is similar to tincture which I'd prefer over this and is stronger.:hippy:
  14. t00fatt

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    You guys obviously don't understand what condensed vapor is, the THC and cannabanoids boil off when vaped, it then cools and collects along anything it touches. It is pure cannabinoids and nothing else. I do not waste the time cleaning my bags, I just throw them away. The only extra effort I make is letting it evaporate in a dish instead of throwing it down the sink. It takes a while to collect, it is really just a special treat every couple of months. I would say a lot of people don't do this as most potheads are young kids, and nothing is stupider then a young stoner. Hey, if you don't like my suggestion, makes no difference to me, just know what your missing. I'm going to guess none of you have successfully made a batch of capsules as well, nothing will get you as high as two of these capsules. This stuff is very close to honey oil, only difference it is more pure....
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    I dont know about that:stoned: I have had some really really good honey you only need a couple pin drops on some weed and it rips ya

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    Well what I meant by that is there is no potential for contaminants as it was extracted with heat. Not that honey oil has many contaminants, there is just more that is dissolved into acetone than is boiled off with a vape. Some of that are the cannabinoids that's boiling point is 390 and above, and some isn't. I'm not trying to say it is better, honey oil has a better taste, but it is nothing at all like pipe "resin". Which only children consider "resin", it's tar and carcinogens not "resin" kids. Hash oils ARE resins.
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  17. I don't think either me or VapedG13 at least, are "kids".....I have a 4 year old daughter but she doesn't go on these forums ;) Also no one said honey oil was the same as pipe resin, just that pipe resin is nasty...

    Have fun with your honey :rastabanna:
  18. t00fatt

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    I wasn't directing that towards you or vapedG13, I was referring to anyone who thinks that pipe tar is some form of hash. No one here mentioned that, so I figured no one in this thread would think I was directing that towards them. I was saying that in case someone was to come on and compare condensed vapor to the tar residue of a pipe.

    If I lived in a MMJ state, or somewhere hash is readily available your right I wouldn't even bother letting it collect in a dish. Hash, especially honey oils are extremely rare here in miami. Only time I've gotten bubble or honey was from friends who grew. So for me it's a great treat every couple of months. The capsules made with herb just arn't as strong, but they are still good. I'm not trying to argue with anyone I just don't want there to be any misconceptions about condensed vapor.
  19. AssassinDJ

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    Smoking resin/tar scraped or melted from a pipe really sucks... (ive been that desperate for a buzz when i was younger and stupider)

    This idea of purer resin from a vape sounds pretty cool.. I'm familiar with cleaning with solvents, evaping, and collecting whats left to smoke, i've just only tried it with grinders, jars, ect... Planning on getting a Purple Days soon, so i might have to give this a try..


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