Best way to scrape a bowl?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by CoolWings, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. CoolWings

    CoolWings Registered

    So im sitting here with no weed, but I do have the stem piece to my bubble and a little bat both with visible resin. Is there a magical way to get every last bit of of this resin or is a paperclip and hard work the only way?
  2. WakingDream

    WakingDream Registered+

    Ive got a metal bristle from a street sweeper I found on the road. You can find them everywhere. I bent the tip at a 90 degree angle to make a good scraper that is better then a round paperclip. Paperclips work good to brake off big clumps of resin.
  3. CoolWings

    CoolWings Registered

    How about the best way to efficiently smoke resin? It doesnt really burn... this is the smallest amount ever im going to try and smoke
  4. skunksmoker006

    skunksmoker006 Registered

    take the pipe apart and get a knife with a skinny blade and scrape it.thats what i always did,it seems to work pretty good:Rasta:
  5. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    Heat up the glass with a lighter then take a paper clip and scrape it. Yeah reasen sucks for staying lit but just hold a lighter to it for a while and puff it should start after a bit.
  6. ChronicSmoker420

    ChronicSmoker420 Registered+

    lol be careful, I broke a pipe scraping it once
  7. sevkex

    sevkex Registered+

    boil it inside a bag of some sort, ive used a ziploc bag and it worked pretty well but it almost melted i think lol, dont let the bag touch the pot/pan i guess...dont break yur piece either, put it in the water then boil it
  8. CoolWings

    CoolWings Registered

    Well i did end up getting high off of that resin/resiny paper... wasnt to fun though i accidently lit my hair on fire!
  9. CoyoteGrass

    CoyoteGrass Registered+

    the best way to get fucked up is to roll a big joint or blunt and smoke like a third of it....all the resin collects on the weed left in the joint/blunt.....that that shit and let it dry for an hour and then smoke it again to get twice as fucked up.....for scraping rez.....i use a candle.....simply put yer glass pipe on the candle so the flame is under it....remember the top is the hottest part of the flame.....let that sit for a bit and u will smell weed almost like its burning....the rez bubbles up and boils.....then just take a paper clip or tiny screw driver and scrape it while the shit is bubbling.......i took a bunch of small metal craft twine and made this lil spiked q tip looks like a pine tree branch so when i do that, all the rez gathers on the tips of it......then i pop that straight into a tin bin and smoke it....the rez melts off and gets u high.....just fucking scrape it man.....let the rez build up to like a cm thick....smoke a quarter with tons of friends every friday and its the 3rd friday since ive had my pipe and i got a ball the size of a marble out of it
  10. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+


    What he said.

    Take a lighter, light the bottom of the bowl till you smell the burning. The resin will be kinda boiling, then scrape it off with a paperclip or something like that. Have fun..
  11. dewdrinker

    dewdrinker Registered+

    i scraped my pipe and bong bowls today and smoked it. wow i never got so high off of one bowl before (firs time smoking resin and i smoked it out of my pipe)
  12. MacWQ33

    MacWQ33 Registered+

    i just stumbled onto this post, and read a few of the comments about putting a lighter under a glass bowl. while i thought it was a good idea, i just tried it, but it turned out to be a better idea than i thought. when you put the lighter under the bowl, and start to smell it, keep the lighter there for a second, and it will start to vaporize the resin at the bottom of the pipe. smoke started POURING OUT OF THE MOUTHPIECE, and i was stunned to see this, and i just started hitting the pipe! i got like 5-6 nice hits. i repeated this and it worked a few more times. then i realized you could do it against the side of the pipe as well, anywhere where there is resin. everyone should try this and see if they got the same result, because i am VERY
    high right now. lol
  13. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    Lol, you must have a shit load of resin in your pipe then if you got 5-6 hits out of it then took a few more. I remember when my shooter could do that because it had so much resin in it that i could just light the front of it and get a few more hits out of it.
  14. scream

    scream Registered+

    i had so much resin in a pipe on saturday that me and a friend got 5 almost full bowls out of it. i use a bobby pin to scrape it. works like a charm
  15. Thetrevor

    Thetrevor Registered

    well, i just waited an hour, about to smoke it:stoned:
  16. Thetrevor

    Thetrevor Registered

    i would have rather smoked it all at once :p

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