Best way to smoke hash ~ Impale / Inhale 12 Step Program

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    12 Step Program to hash heaven...

    Ok, hands down the best way to smoke hash at home with stuff EVERYONE has in their house.
    This has probably been posted in one form or another it's something I did YEARS ago and rediscovered it just this evening and am baked as shit. I HAD to share this method to madness ...

    1) glass tumbler ~ (4 oz glass)
    2) 3 squares of toilet paper (folded along perferations, not torn)
    3) pill bottle lid
    4) alluminum foil to wrap the lid with and have some to build a center mound
    5) pin (preferably one that's got the bulb on the end, seamstresses use them when they make folds and are going to hem things)
    6) straw
    7) hash ~ 1/2 g or 1/4 g at at time is sufficient (an 1/8 g will maintain your high after an hour and a half or so)
    8) bic lighter

    STEP 1-
    Wrap alluminum foil around bottle lid and leave a little extra over one side to build a mount to fold into the center or the bottle lid.
    The mound should be on the INSIDE of the bottle lid; this will allow the bottle lid to stand easly on it's own.
    STEP 2-
    Poke pin through center mound in alluminum foil and then center the mound into the inside middle of the bottle lid. The pin will now have the bulb inside the foil mound and the tip will be facing upright.
    STEP 3-
    Fold your TP. Don't rip it, it'll lay nicer if it's folded. 3 squares is enough, 4 is about as many as you can do without it getting too padded. Just fold it along the perferations. Now lay the folded TP on a surface you intend on smoking at (ie. window sill or desktop). This is a critical step as if you fail to remember the TP or some other sort of non-breathing pad, the smoke will stain whatever surface you decide to smoke at.
    STEP 4-
    Place foil wrapped, pin poked bottle lid on the center of the folder TP. Make sure the pin is nice and stabe, it doesn't have to be like a fork in stagg chili, just stable.
    STEP 5-
    Get the pin hot with your lighter. Nice and red, about 20-45 seconds depending on the thickness of the pic. You can hold your piece of hash about 8 inches above the flame if you need to soften it at all.
    STEP 6-
    Impale your piece of hash on the hot pin. Pierce it about 1/3 of the way into the hash. Again, make sure it's stable enough to stay standing freely.
    Replace the bottle lid (now with your hash ready to go) on the folded TP.
    STEP 7-
    Place your lit lighter under the impaled hash and get it going nicely on the bottom edges. You should have a nice cherry started along the bottom of your hash and then you'll be ready to proceed to the next step.
    Be sure to keep yourself from burning off the hash; if it's letting off a drizzle of smoke you've got it going to much, meaning if there's smoke burning off before you contain it it's just being wasted.
    STEP 8-
    Once a cherry/amber is started, cover the now smoking impaled hash with your 4oz glass tumbler. Give it a gentle snug to the TP, nothing too forceful, just firm. Now watch the smoke fill up...
    STEP 9-
    Once the glass has filled up with a significant amount of smoke, get your straw ready. Now slowly tilt the glass to release the smoke via the raised edge and as it's it exposed simply inhale the smoke through your straw. Be sure to take a nice slow long controlled and deep hit. Hold your toke for about 4 seconds or so. Anything more isn't getting your any higher, it's just irritating your lungs and making you cough and in turn waste more then you get by hacking it all out.
    You can lift the glass on an angle to about half way and keep your straw within the glass and inhale as much as you're comfortable with. You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO TOWN HERE. Only about 4 respectable hits will cripple your ass. You don't need to suck it like a dick or smoke it like it's going out of style. Enjoy the taste and how thick and smooth collected smoke is.
    STEP 10
    As soon as yuo've filled yourself comfortablely, quickly exposed the entire piece of hash and then cover it just as quick. This will create a quick little vaccuum that gets the cherry flared up again before you cover the hash up again.
    STEP 11
    *If smoke collects quickly within the glass, proceed to next step*
    Usually you'll have to light the hash twice for sure, sometimes a third. Do this the same manner as done in STEP 7. Be careful to cover the hash as soon as its going. You don't want to waste ANY smoke if possible. This smoke will burn so free and clean you'll be getting no pipe scum, no lighter fluid, no bong water taste, none of the last stuff you smoked in your pipe. Just smooth, heavy, heavenly hash smoke.
    STEP 12
    Continue the process of inhaling via the straw at an exposed corner and then covering hash to maintain the chamber of pooling smoke. After the second hit of the hash having a nice amber you won't need to expose the hash completely, just tip the glass back down completely to cover the smoldering hash. If you have good clean hash it'll burn itself all the way through once it's get an amber.
    A 1/8 g piece should let you 3 pulls, a 1/4 g should allow for 6-8 hits and a 1/2 g is as much as I'd recommend at a time. 1/4 g is probably more than enough though. 1/2 is as much as you can really do ay at time due to the weight of it staying upright on the pin and honestly even between 2 people a 1/2 g will get you tuned if your hash is remotely decent.

    The general physics used here mirror that of a hookah; pool the smoke and inhale it at will. Only a hookah provides a nice mouth piece and can cool your smoke as well. This is as crude as the method can get. And EVERYBODY has the stuff you need to do this. As long as you've got the hash and reside at a lived in fixed address, you have no excuse to not give this a try.

    I'll update tomorrow ith pictures of the process. I'm gonna have a quick session, watch me some Ghostbusters and pass out
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    Hash under glass!!!
    I use a sewing needle stuck in a wine cork... ball up hash... stick to needle... light... cover with glass... wait for glass to fill with smoke... lift edge of glass... inhaaaaaale...
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    Try doing this method on a small plate, then you can lift it to your mouth and 'sip' the smoke/vapor from the bottom of the glass.
    Excellent way to imbibe.

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