Best way to smoke Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by dabs4daze, Nov 29, 2010.

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    That thing would wreck a person:stoned:

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    I like it....must work....I never heard the person hacking their lungs out which is what I would've done hittin it like that....LOL! :thumbsup:
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    Here we go again! Switching it up to my ZOB 8 arm wubbler and highly educated castle ti nail. Slow motion milk shot

    Keep it concentrated!
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    e ross bub dabb
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    That is pretty fucking sweet bro.
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    I am in the woods most of the summer and have a camp fire each night. I just put a rock in the fire until it is glowing hot. I take it out with my hotdog fork and set it on another rock. Then I get a drop of oil on a saftey pin or paper clip and touch it to the hot rock while sucking the vapors through a glass pipe bowl.

    I have never gotten higher smoking oil in years. My buddy was using a small piece of charcol that they use in hookahs. Being the cheap skate that I am I decided to try the hot rock and I think it works better than the charcol. You don't get any taste from the charcol and don't suck any ash. I just keep putting the same rock back in the fire and using it over and over.
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    creative! Now only if you had a sour funnel or luke wilson bugle to water filter it all :)
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    I was going to say bell curve. Then, I saw Rabs' epic posts and was left speechless...
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