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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by DrRemulac, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. DrRemulac

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    only used hash when visiting amsterdam - was there for 3 days, felt like 3 weeks. a local rolled some with tobacco and the tobacco gave me a head ache. the rest of our time there we used an empty heineken can. now that i have all available methods what's the best way to go??? bong, roll with weed, can i use a vaporizor???
  2. hempman666

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    fuck ya u can use a vaporizer have fun man id make a water bong thats the best or a pie go to go to movies on the tollbar and click how to make a bong its the easiet thing eva have fun!
  3. rysk8er420

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    I dont know about vaporizing it, but i like to pack a my bong with weed, then break up the hash on top, that way you have a base for the high to burn on...did i mention this gets you high as fuck??

    You can also roll it in a joint, but i prefer the bong method.
  4. BDubz26062

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    i say smoke out of a water bong
  5. bluntblaze

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    wats a water bong? anyway i think the best way is in a gravity bong :Rasta:
  6. daves19

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    Agreed! The best to smoke hash, unless you want to taste it, the hash smell is getting too subtle burried under the pot one...but i tried this method with my gaz mask, and dude! that was the shit! :dance:
  7. 50BagOfGreens

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    all bongs have water.......... :thumbsup:
  8. Bonger

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  9. 420purplehaze420

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    hot knife it or smoke in on abowl of green

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