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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Boricua, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Boricua

    Boricua Registered+

    Hi i have been smoking for 4 years and finally i found were to buy hash. I would like know what is the best way to smoke it since the quantity is very little.
  2. . chelsey

    . chelsey Registered+

    Hmmm...I have never smoked hash...I'd loooove to try it though
  3. Ginnas

    Ginnas Registered+

    Take a 2 liter bottle or a gatorade bottle or something and cut the bottom off of it. Then go to your stove and heat the tips of two butterknives. When the knives are red hot take a small peice of hash and set it on your stovetop. Get the bottle ready in your mouth and take one knife and press it on the hash(the hash will stick to it) then sandwich the hash inbetween the two glowing knife tips and hit all the smoke through the bottle.
  4. Ginnas

    Ginnas Registered+

    This is alot easier if you have someone to work the knives for you and you just concentrate on holding the bottle for the hit. Teamwork ya'know.
  5. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

  6. Ginnas

    Ginnas Registered+

    Dont just pack hash into a bowl, it will usually just melt down inside it. However sprinkling some ontop of a bowl of weed is cool.
  7. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    what about a screen.
  8. Ginnas

    Ginnas Registered+

    I dunno, dont use metal pipes. But the hot knife method works best for smoking hash by itself.
  9. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I'd imagine you'd have to have a pretty tiny screen to smoke hash that way... Maybe laying down a smidgen of weed in between the screen and the hash would work?

    And there's always hash brownies :D
  10. gr8misadventures

    gr8misadventures Registered+

    what about BT's? If the hash smoker is a cigarette smoker too....

    Take a smaller bottle (maybe 1Litre)...take your lighter and burn a small hole close to the base of the bottle (a big enough hole to fit a cigarette through)...break some smaller bits off the hash...light a smoke and get a good heater going on it...tap the heater onto a small piece of hash and it will stick. Turn the smoke so the hash is on top then carefully put it into the the smoke. As soon as the smoke coming off the heater starts fading from a nice milky density and then pull the smoke out and inhale everything through the bottle opening on top.....
  11. ukmonkey

    ukmonkey Registered+

    just break off a few bits and sprikle it in with some baccy in a spliff.
  12. T®auma

    T®auma Registered+

  13. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Hot knifing would work.

    I smoke hash in my pipe and bong all the time, without screens, and it doesn't just melt down. Resin will, but a good hash just bubbles a bit and burns, very slowly.
  14. rottenPauL

    rottenPauL Registered+

    go buy a murble chillum or (for me is the best) take razor and scrach the hash to make tiny pieces (if ur hash is smoother u can break it with ur nails) and roll joints. I usually devide a 1g block in 4 joints but u put more or less hash, depending how strong u want your joint, its totally up to u how much u put in. Roll ur joints with tobacoo :p

    have fun
  15. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    Yeah that gets you real high if you have some good weed and good hash.
  16. clovisman

    clovisman Registered+

    take a matchbook cover or similar piece of cardboard- fold in half make a small tent shape then take a needle or straight pin and stick thru underside of fold - put a chunk of hash on pin then take a small drinking glass and put this over needle and tent ,you may want to do this at the edge of table- light hash and as soon as it starts burning blow out and cover with glass- when glass is full of smoke scoot to edge of surface and inhale- have smoked it this way since 1970- no waste of the hash -try it it works and is conservative of your smoke
  17. KillerDemo

    KillerDemo Registered+

    put a lil bit in a blunt.
  18. Captin

    Captin Registered+

    i find a lightbulb vaporizor is the best way to smoke hash if you don't have someone to hot knife with you.
  19. if i get hash once...ill try hot knives for suuuure
  20. jfoster

    jfoster Registered+

    ok, this isn't the best way but it works in a pinch. get a flat surface(something that can be passed around like a book), a thumbtack, and a glass. put a little hash on the thumbtack and make sure it isn't touching anything else besides the metal point. now i know this sounds weird but light the hash on fire(literally on fire) for a few seconds. blow it out, put the glass over it. it will fill up with smoke. then just the lift the glass up a tiny bit and inahale. pass it

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