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    alright ive looked around the forums and looks like nobody here knows how to smoke marijuana.. rofl atleast most of ya.

    lets say you got weed, and nothing to smoke out of.. a lot of you probably would turn into macgyver in about 2 seconds but theres some people out there who would just sit there and cry about it.

    anyways this is not my invention it was pretty popular in highschool where i went and now ima show you, the people who havnt seen weed smoked in this way.

    the easiest way is for me to draw a garbage picture using paint so here it is and ill explain it underneath.

    mmm couldnt post pic so click the picture to see.

    you simply get a jar of water, a water bottle, a socket from a socket set, 5/8tths works best. and weed, build the contraption i call 'pails' and start rippin. beware; more dirty of a hit than bongs.

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  2. EciRonTog

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    So how is this better than just taking a fat bong rip or using the vape again?

    Also, are you sure that "nobody here knows how to smoke marijuana", or is it just that most here have moved beyond the obnoxious overcomplicated ways to smoke that used to seem cool back in high school?
  3. Lessernot

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    Simplest gravity bong you can make, but I like glass. Just my opi
  4. SmokeNRun

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    Yea, I make this same deal out of a milk carton
  5. rollzone

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    water babies

    hello. i used to prefer my bamboo, but in a real life amazing pinch today, i would either roll aluminum foil around a pen(remove the pen stupid)>bowl one end>poke needle size holes into the bowl>introduce weed and fire and inhale, or use the damn soda can. nobody today should inhale without a vaporizer.
  6. jtruckit

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    I would not suggest anyone use aluminum anything to smoke out of. If you dont know why, a simple google search of the toxic effects of aluminum might be in order.

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