Best way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by mattgunit420, May 30, 2007.

  1. mattgunit420

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    Okay everyone has their own reservations about what's the "best way" to smoke weed. I just felt like pointing out to everyone the pros and cons of each method.

    First we obviously have the joint. A joint is small, easy to hide, easy to get rid of quickly, and of course, gets you high, as all these methods do. However, I feel like the joint is overrated. Joints can be a pain in the ass to roll and smoke, especially if they sideburn, or are rolled too lose/tight, etc.
    Blunts aren't much better, other than that you can get higher/get more people high by smoking a blunt. Giving/Taking a shotgun off of a blunt is pretty cool I guess, but it sucks when you run outta breath and choke when taking one or when you're giving one, the blunt accidentally ashes on your tongue. I personally don't like smoking joints or blunts because of the sideburn issue and the amount of weed needed for a blunt. Let's not forget that this shit cost money damn it, unless you grow your own, but even so it took a lot of work to grow it, so therefore I like to conserve the herb.

    Vaporizer is cool because you don't actually smoke the weed. The thc on the weed is heated into a vapor by steam and is then inhaled through a tube. Effective in that it'll get you high, but I personally like to taste the weed smoke baby.

    Bongs and bubblers are also good options when smoking weed. The water in the bongs/bubblers cools the smoke making it easier to inhale more smoke, thus giving a better high. However the water in the bong/bubbler needs to be changed often or else it will start to smell like ass. The weed also burns very quickly in a bong/bubbler. Both can also be a little bit difficult to hide from your parents if you still have to deal with that sort of thing and typically aren't really something you'd use anywhere other than at your house or somewhere indoors.

    We also have my personal favorite, a small dry glass bowl. You can get a metal piece or a wooden piece that won't break as easy, but they're tougher to keep clean. A small glass bowl can be taken on the go, doesn't require a lot of weed to smoke out of, and you get a good clean hit everytime. You can also take a single hit out of a bowl because the cherry will usually go out unless you light all of the weed in the bowl at once. This can help save weed if you're sack's a little on the lighter side or if you don't have time to get toasted but still wanna be a little high. They're not tough to keep clean either, just have some discipline and don't let the resin build up in the bowl. Every so often just soak it in some really hot water with some degreaser in it and rinse it out with really hot water as well. Use some cotton swabs to wipe out any resin that wouldn't come off in the rinse. The only drawbacks to the glass piece are that if you get caught by the cops with one on you, then you're screwed, and that they break really easily so you've gotta be really careful with them. Trust me, I've seen way too many beautiful glass pieces become a million more not-so-beautiful glass pieces.

    Brownies aren't really smoking weed, but they're really good if made correctly. Don't half ass do it like some moron that I know. Break up the weed and pick out all of the stem and seeds, don't just crumble up the weed over the brownie batter. You don't want to bite into a seed or stem, plus they don't have thc in them.

    I personally feel that the bowl's the best way to go, but smoke however you like to, all that matters is that you're at least smokin, and as always be use that paranoia to you're advantage and don't get busted...:jointsmile:
  2. Reefer Rogue

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    Personally, i started with a glass pipe but eventually moved on to only smoking water pipes. That's by myself. Water pipes are a lot less harsh then normal pipes. When i'm with friends all they smoke is joints because this is England. Vapes just aren't for me, i prefer the smoke and the type of high i get from smoking.
  3. bradleyb2180

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    what is best for your body

    blunts, bongs, pipes, bubblers, vaporizors
  4. purplekush989

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    thanks for like the millionth opinion on this subject.
  5. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    vaporizer for taste and efficiency

    con - portability, cost
  6. wishpotwaslegal

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    hot knives

    whetever happend to HOT KNIVES its the most consertiv way of smoking and yes you can use weed not just hash or oil. i have been smoking blades for about 15 years and my lungs and throte are fine now i dont smoke ciggeretts of course but still. i smoke 3 time a day 4-5 little tokes and bang im good to go a gram can last me 3 days at 3 good higs a day now thats the way to make it last!
  7. Revanche21

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    the discoloration of my set of knives made me reconsider

    besides I have a volcano now :)
  8. hotzfrmthebong

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    dude im ripped... you gotta do it thru your nose if you can cuz it goes straight to your brain and makes you dumb as shit dude...
  9. flyingimam

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    I would like to find out the truth about this, scientifically.

    cuz as far as i know, whether u do it with mouht or nose, it ends up in your lungs, then passing to your bloodstream, then passing the brain-blood barier.

    btw anyone noticed there are like 7-8 replies here with 2000+ views? :D
  10. rebelbhoy

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    mostly smoke joints but love my hubbly bubbly.
  11. montroller

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    from my experiences no one way will get you the same good high forever

    my bong used to get me baked in 1 hit but now it takes me about 4 or 5

    so what i like to do is switch it up from bong pipe gravity joints and extracts
  12. Mississippi Steve

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    Waterpipes rock..... the kill any harshness, they filter out a lot of bad stuff that would end up in your lungs, they use a lot less weed to get you really wrecked.

    Smoke out of a clean waterpipe for a couple of weeks and look at all the bad stuff that collects on the glass and how nasty the water gets. All that junk would have gone in your lungs if you had used most any other conventional method(joints, blunts, glass/metal/wood pipes, etc).

    You can build a simple waterpipe that is very effective for $10 - $15.
  13. seattlesmoke247

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  14. w33dsp34k

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    These and gravitys will have me blazed off of 2 hits.
  15. SketchyTom

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    For Me Personaly I would Have to Say Bongs as they never fail ME!

    me and my m8 have a range of different sizes and i change what bong i use every now and agen

    sometimes i feel adventurous and make some really big bongs with loads of chambers .. generaly toke shit but im usialy baked when i do this so its all good lol
  16. Quinn The Eskimo

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    I don't know its hard to choose just one, they're all good. It really depends on the situation for me in general i like to vaporize herb or smoke it in my "waterpipe". But I love smoking a phat blunt covered in honey too.

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