best ways to get weed smell out of cars... ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by donteventrip, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. donteventrip

    donteventrip Registered+

    what do you guys use to get the weed smell out of a car ?
    me and my friends are gonna rent a car and go on a road trip and of course we gonna be blazin in it and i dont want some extra charges add on the bill for the car smellin all crazy

    so what sprays or whatever u guys use work the best ? :jointsmile:
  2. SparkSomeChange

    SparkSomeChange Registered+

    Febreeze, or use a sploof.
  3. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    dude unless you spilled bongwater in the carpet, 10 minutes of driving with the windows down will dissipate the smell. unless you're smoking cigarettes too. if that's true, shame on you;)
  4. AandS

    AandS Registered+

    We rented a car this one time and gave it back filthy inside- the floor was covered in sunflower seed shells, and didn't smell all that pleasant when you come in.

    Your rental charge includes post-cleaning charges too, so they can't really bitch about it smelling nasty or being dirty. To be safe though, I'd still use a sploof or just blow hits out the window. Light some incense if there if you wish.
  5. donteventrip

    donteventrip Registered+


    thanks :Rasta:
  6. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    get the Febreeze for cars,it works totally good dude!!!peace!!
  7. brad1028

    brad1028 Registered+

    i have a car ionic breeze and it works really good for smokin in the car
  8. BudGrower

    BudGrower Registered+

    Don't let the smoke linger inside or you are fucked if you get pulled over. Make sure the smoke GOES OUT A WINDOW. Of course use air freshners and car perfume, but it will never get rid of the smell that permeates your upholstery and ceiling and everywhere else the smoke permeates.
  9. 420_24/7

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  10. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    febreeze does wonders. use it :) got the smell out of my car! took a couple of days and lots of sprays but it worked.
  11. rmrdr716

    rmrdr716 Banned

    buy OZIUM. its actually found in the automobile isle in most walmarts, walgreens ect. it actually kills the odors instead of covering them up. works awsome
  12. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    Just how stoopid do you gotta be to toke and drive in the first place.

    Do yourself and your "friends" a favor and keep the weed out of the car. Nothing sucks worse than getting busted in a strange area where YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS to bail you out when(not if) you get caught.

    No matter what *ANYBODY* tells you, its still DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

    Have a nice trip.
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  13. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    This is the smartest freaking thing ive heard in a while!
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  14. Hennessy1414

    Hennessy1414 Registered+

  15. peaceeasy

    peaceeasy Registered+

    febreeze for sure, windows down. you could totally even hotbox it and then just drive on the highway with the windows all down for liek 15 min
  16. matthiasj

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  17. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    Although I believe there are exceptions to this principle, it's generally unfavorable to smoke while driving, for the same reason it is unwise to text message while driving. Driving requires all of your attention. But if someone was too baked to drive I would see them to be a lightweight or a beginning toker.

    I drive more moderately after smoking, such as driving closer to the speed limit, coming to a complete stop at stop signs, avoiding risk-taking, double-checking blind spots, etc. Any potential impairment I might have is compensated for by my profound awareness and responsiveness to that impairment, which is dissimilar to alcohol, which makes the person feel invincible. I can only speak for myself, but there are many who can drive high much better than most people do sober.
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  18. donteventrip

    donteventrip Registered+

    ^^^i am a better driver while blazed aswell. thats that.
  19. Rapidfire187

    Rapidfire187 Registered+

    Well it's not a "when you get caught" issue, because it's not guaranteed that he's going to get caught. While you're definitely under the influence, you have to look at what you're under the influence of. You're not under the influence of something that makes you see double, slur your words, and drive're under the influence of something that raises your alertness, and makes it too hard to concentrate on doing anything OTHER than driving.
  20. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    just open the windows for a couple minutes to air it out thats all you need haha

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