best ways to get weed smell out of cars... ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by donteventrip, Nov 21, 2007.

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    I drive stoned all the time. I think people always think "man, i'm blazed, there is no way I can drive right now'', but once you just suck it up and start driving you're fine. I know that sounds really terrifying and bad, but I really think driving high makes me a lot less dangerous - I go the speed limit and pay attention.
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    Smoking in the car is for kids who don't mind getting caught. That is THE EASIEST WAY to get caught so goodluck! I'm not doubting your ability to smoke and drive or drive high-many people do it -driving high and smoking it while driving is two different things. Smoke in the comfort of your home where you can acctually relax and enjoy your spliff.
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    I will occasionally smoke in my car if I'm out at a friends who doesn't want pot in their appartment (not many friends are like that but there are a few) I just use Febreeze it works great.

    As for driving while stoned. Legally it's a DUI but as we all know the legal word isn't always the best. I drive while stoned all the time I will not drive while drunk but that's because I don't feel as though my motor skills are effected enough while I'm stoned to cause me a problem while driving.
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    well if you hot box, then just air it out when your done
    drive with the windows down after
    and buy a car freshener and just rub it all over the interior without smearing the color onto the car and rip pieces of the freshener up and stick them in the air vents to get the smell to flow

    if your not hotboxing, then just smoke while the window is open or the AC is going
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    I drive just fine when I'm high. It makes me paranoid as hell and cautious, and I go way too slow. It's still definitely under the influence of something. It does impair you. Just because it impairs you in a way that you can compensate for or overcome, doesn't change the fact that it impairs you. You can't say "Never drive under the influence", because who are you to decide something so abstract? You can suggest and recommend it though, and it is a good idea.

    Even if driver is not smoking, smoking in the car is bad because of how serious it is if you get busted. In-home busts are usually a fraction of the penalty to convicted driving while smoking. They may never make it legal and part of the reason is that even if they regulate it like alcohol and say no driving under the influence, there are so many people who insist they can do it just fine and do anyway. By smoking we're doing one illegal activity which we constantly complain about and say should be legal. Yet we use the fact that it is illegal anyway to justify that we do something else illegal (drive while high). The model smoker is one who does the drug and doesn't do anything else illegal.

    Back on topic, Axe spray used as an air freshener masks the smell almost instantly, and I'm not sure why. It is incredibly good at masking the smell of weed on your clothing, and once masked, the clothes never quite smell like weed the rest of the day. Makes for a good emergency situation helper too, because there's always an excuse, for guys anyway, why you would smell like Axe, or why you would just have sprayed Axe.

    Now, about smoke on the breath... I always require some serious breath fixing skills, moreso in the past than now, because I smoked tobacco (half a pack a day) for a year while still living wiht my parents. My dad had an ultra keen nose for tobacco smell on the clothes and on the breath, and its a stronger smell than weed. The clothes I could do nothing about because to remove the tobacco smell from clothes takes far more axe than the weed smell does. I still sprayed a little Axe clix or RGX orange top in my hair every day when I got home from work, and that always did the trick for that. For breath, no amount of drink can speed it up, still takes several minutes at the least to mask any smoke on your breath with drinks. But if you eat something along with your drink, for some reason that takes your breath back to normal almost immediately.
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    Perfume and cologne just makes the smell stronger, I had to learn that the hard way.. Try febreze or get some blunt spray!
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    a whole little bottle of patchouli oil. If stopped say that you bought the vehicle from a foreign man.
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    Amen, tangent! :thumbsupold: Good stuff.
    My center console contains a can.
    Works good for gassy terriers, too. :wtfsign:
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    Like my little Jackie... you got that right..
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    • Vacuum
    • Baking soda
    • Window cleaner
    • Absorbents or adsorbents like white vinegar, coffee sachets, or active charcoal
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    I know of a couple of situations where road tripping young people were pulled over and arrested for pot or even booze in a distant state. It did not go well for their little vacation at all. So that is one good reason not to drive down the highway toking. As far as driving under the influence, I do this sometimes but the influence is mild. I can't imagine getting red-eyed wrecked and wanting to go driving around anymore. But that is my old age, caution. Used to do that and I'd drive way under the speed limit for a while until I got comfortable. Not on purpose but nervousness. I do understand that young people may have limited places to safely smoke up. At 20 years old I was busted, four of us in a Bug smoking up. Cop planted a baggy in my wallet that caused me $$$ problems. That's what cops can do. Be safer.
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