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    Hello to all,

    I have read so many nice threats and replies within this forum and i really hope there must be some replies to my question also :)))),

    I live in a country which weed is so much expensive almost over 50 euros per gram :((((, plus if u get busted here the prison is long long time till u be out , minimun 5 years with 2gr :(((,

    So me and my friends we have been thinking for long time to grow our own staff so we could save some money since you can understand how much it cost if u buy 1gr for 50 euros, end of the day we work to buy weed :((((

    We have rented 3 flats on the same floor. Each one of us pay for 1 flat and we did rewired electricity from each flat to our growing room so there is no way we will get noticed by the police :) since we gona split the electricity bills into 3 different flats .

    Now we are 3 of us and we really need a bit of big yield , arounnd 1 kilo and 200gr would be fantastic !! even more even the better :)))

    Our grow room is 1.50cmx 1.50cm and 2 meters tall, ( this is about 25 square foot area ), we have 2 600 watt HPS and all professional nessesary accessories for a perfect grow room ., eg ( fans, carbon, cool tube etc

    Now my question is what is the best way we can achieve the best yield since we are 3 of us on this project. Should we use Soil or Hydro ? And how many plants would get us the best yield either way we grow them within the 2x 600 watt

    Could you please let me know what pot size also are the best within this room in either way of grow ?

    Is it any way if i make a bigger room with this 2 x 600 watt hps i may get bigger yield ?? we dont want to add more light in this grow room since we have another vegatate room with a 400 MH and the electricity is pretty safe to stay here :) .

    Hope there are still some angels out there and help me out :))))

    All the best
  2. martyrprojekt

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    First of all...You are in a hydro room asking us if you should use Hydro or soil? Reeeeeally?????

    You need to use hydro...whatever method you use will be quicker and will yield more over time than soil applications. Soil takes almost an extra two weeks of vegging and almost another two weeks at flower.

    Hydro control everything. So when the plants die...its your bad. Not nature. LMFAO!

    Yield depends on the strains being grown, how long you plan on vegging for, what you are feeding the plants, how often you feed the plants, etc. etc. etc. Basically, whatever you were expecting to get from your first grow...divide that number by 4.

    I am just getting to the point of growing inside (about a year now) where I can get 400-600 grams per square meter. Be happy with anything at, or above, two pounds.

    I hope this helps.
  3. irydyum

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    Man, you had better grow a tall skinny ass sativa. lmfao, one and a half cm is pretty small:wtf:

    I'm sure you meant meter, but i couldn't resist:thumbsup:
  4. SpaceNeedle

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    I run 2 600W HPS in flowering. I believe you would be better off with more room. My area is 7ft by 8 ft.... and that does not include the nutrient tank or control bucket in that room. ..its next door in another room.

    The one thing not discussed is fresh ventilation. VERY IMPORTANT. 1200W of light produce 3000BTUs of heat. A portable electric heater puts out about that much heat as well. Now picture your little room on a hot summer day and you have an electric heater on full blast! Your plants will not do well if that is not under control. You need fresh air coming into the room, and the hot air needs to be removed.

  5. martyrprojekt

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    holy christ!!! Space Needle lives!
  6. psypro

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    i know that i can use just 1 single 600 HPS for flowering but i thought that if i use 2 x 600 i would propably go for more yield.

    is it better go for 2 metters x 2 metters x 2 metters tall with this amount of light to get more yield ?? or would i still get same yield with smaller place since each plant will attract more lumens.??

    best regards
  7. SpaceNeedle

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    The general rule is 1 sq meter for 1000Watts. With the 600's, you can stretch it a bit...but definitely not more than 2 square meters. You need quality light for the plants. I have 20 plants under my 2 600 Watts HPS. They are in 3 gallon buckets (12 Ltr). Before flowering they take 4 to 6 weeks in the veg room, and they are about 1 to 1 1/2 ft tall when they go into flowering. They stay in flowering for 7-8 weeks. It doesn't matter whether you have 20 plants in 12 liter pots or 40 plants in 6 or 8 liter pots that are smaller, your yield does not depend on HOW MANY plants you have, but rather how good of an environment you make for them. The tops of all plants should be within 30 cm of the light.
  8. Charbud

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    Sounds like these guys are setting up a grow house. And in what country does a gram cost 50 euros ?! Also if the jail time for over two grams is two years, you are probably risking the death penalty by doing this. Sounds like your in thailand or somewhere where laws on drugs can result in the death penalty. I woudlnt start growing if your guna get hung ! quit while your ahead !my :twocents:
  9. joshdub

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    i know they are so worried about how much it cost to but but they have the money to go spend on all this equipment and house... lil strange...
  10. psypro

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    nice info and help ppl :),

    yes money is not an issue for us to build the grow room, what is a problem is spending so much money every day for it :),,,

    so we bought everything and now we are ahead for lights , i know 600 watt is the most efficient and as i said i will use 2 x 600 watt for my flowering room , i am about to buy these
    Quality High Pressure Sodium Range . the guy told me is better than a standar HPS since a standar HPS uses 80% of the light is heat.....

    any thoughts?
  11. irydyum

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    That sure looks like an HPS to me. The only difference seems to be an upgraded bulb which you could purchase for any 600w system. Maybe I'm missing something else. Do they have an option for an air cool-able hood? That was one investment that became inevitable later on for me and I overlooked it when I could have saved some cash on the package deal. Even if you aren't planning on running them air-cooled at first, it would be nice to have the option if it becomes necessary.
  12. psypro

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    yep there is an option for air cooled i did ask about this :) , but the price for them are a bit expensive compare to basic HPS . as i said this guy said that they produce 80% more light than heat :S

    sounds cool :D

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