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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by allinat420, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. allinat420

    allinat420 Registered

    Currently i grow small number of plants in big big beefy plants..i use a trelllis to support a canopy of buds on top, and then have a jungle of small growth down below.

    So for i have found the strain J1 to be the best yielder for these type of growing conditions and still provides excellent quality.

    Could anyone recommend a potent strain that gives high yields indoors in these type of conditions?
  2. GreenShadows

    GreenShadows Registered+

    I would be interested in hearing comments on this topic.

    I would answer, but it's my first time out of the box.
  3. aniolator

    aniolator Registered+

    skunk 1
  4. Felixthecat

    Felixthecat Registered

    i dont know about pollen but purple kush yield something coo for me
  5. wingedson

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    Purple Kush always looks fat and frosty. Chemdog has an amazing yield, and damn is it strong. Overall, my favorite strain is Blue Dream. Huge buds, easy to prune, resistant to mite infestation, never seen a spot of mold on one.
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  6. scrumby

    scrumby Registered+

    yea skunk #1
  7. eddie13

    eddie13 Registered

    i say skunk #1 is a very good choice.
  8. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    g-13 indoor 3 lbs a plant
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  9. tlong831

    tlong831 Registered

    blue dream. very healthy im my crowded room.
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  10. Salvein211

    Salvein211 Registered+

    I'm interested in this as well.. By reading what others have said, AK-47 and Northern Lights have high yields aswell. I'm actually looking to buy seeds from attitude, don't see "blue dream", what are the genetics of this? Blueberry and ???
  11. smurfmurph420

    smurfmurph420 Banned

    i'd try anything with a bid bud genetic in it. Big bud x northern lights, citiral +, if yeild is what your looking for big buds certainly got shit tons of it.
  12. AZCSceo

    AZCSceo Registered+

    I would need to know more about your set up.
    1- What is the PAR scale like in your growing area? What lights are you using, what wattage etc.?
    2- what type of medium are you using, something for fast draining, moisture control, dirt, hydroton, rockwool, etc.?
    3- What type of feeding schedule will you use and what time frame are you attempting for a turn around, standard or aggressive?
    4-what is your ceiling height?
    5- what is your experience level?
  13. Chemdawg

    Chemdawg Registered+

    I have had Endless Sky for almost a decade and nothing yet has topped her for yield and potency but I still prefer my Bubba Kush for personal even tho she doesn't yield that much
  14. northend

    northend Registered

    sensi star, purple urkle
  15. CrackLemonade

    CrackLemonade Registered+

    Not white widow.
  16. Purple Daddy

    Purple Daddy Registered+

    Increase the size of the container you are growing in, that would probably be the best opportunity you have to increase your yield. Genetics are definitely a factor but container size will limit your final yield.
  17. Canna-bis

    Canna-bis Registered+

    High All,

    When your cultivating indoors you need to select the strains carefully, most cannabis strains will produce far less in an indoor environment compared to outdoor. The benefit of the indoor is that you can maximize the quality of the bud.

    There are many strains that are best suited to indoor and still provide very impressive yields, I ran a grow this year using TH Seeds Heavy Duty Fruity from The Original Sensible Seed company, I also got some free Blue Hash seeds from them bread by Dinafem.

    I ran the two strains separate from my other grows as a focused indoor yield exercise and was able to pull about 500g per Sq M at 4 plants per Sq M. The Free Blue Hash seeds were a real surprise, i was able to squeeze 4 freebies out of the seed bank and ran them slightly more spaced apart than the Heavy Duty Fruity due to the bushier shape, they yielded about 650 per Sq M of very very dense bud.

    I would always take the indoor results over the outdoor when looking at THC content and bud quality. I love growing outdoors as well from a natural point of view but you just cant beat indoor for quality.
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  18. ogganjagrower

    ogganjagrower Registered+

  19. ogganjagrower

    ogganjagrower Registered+

    la confidential
  20. StrikeForce1

    StrikeForce1 Registered+

    Incredible Bulk

    Gave me 850 grams on 1 plant.

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