Better for dilution method? Mega Clean or Gatorade?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by needfulboy, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hey everyone.

    I'm going to receive a supervised piss test. I have never been notified of my results after following Mega Clean's instructions. I have learned from people who post like Burnt Toast and FakeBoobsRule that the only reason Mega Clean has worked is because it requires you to drink 64 ounces of water (dilution) and I've taken Vitamin B before the test. I understand this now but already bought the drink before I saw these posts. I decided yesterday to begin ingesting creatine (hopefully it converts) so that I can do the dilution method (i've read the steps from i'mN2pot and practiced it once at home drinking cranberry juice. On the in home tester I passed. I also used Tums along with aspirine and vitamin B.)

    I have a few questions though:

    1. Having already wasted my money on the bottle of Mega Clean and it's pre cleansing packets (the cost is a past issue now and no longer relevant to my case), I'm going to consider using it or Gatorade to drink for the dilution process. Costs aside, would one work better than the other? Not enough nutrient amounts are listed on Gatorade but there's alot on Mega Clean so I'm really not sure if one actually has any slight advantage to the other. I also saw that Mega Clean has fruit pectin in it. Also, I know I'm supposed to add salt to either.

    2. Following the dilution method, what would happen were I to drink, say, 12 fluid ounces more than is called for? Could this cause me to test worse than had I not drank the additional 12 ounces? (the additional 12 ounces would come from the Mega Clean were I to use it.)

    3. Would drinking fiber the night before or day of help any?

    4. Have any of you heard of a probation officer never telling you the results of your tests after you've given multiple urine samples? Could he be gathering evidence against me? (positive drug tests) I'm too scared to ask him in case he's assuming I know I passed.

    Thank you for reading. Please excuse me for sounding like a noob. I could use the help though. :thumbsup:
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    When doing any dilution technique (that also includes the overpriced magic potions) use the gatorade in place of water to help keep the urines SG within acceptable ranges.
    SG (specific gravity) is tested along with creatinine in determining an overdiluted sample and large water consumption will cause the readings of these two urine constituents to take a nosedive and out of the acceptable ranges.
    Drinking more fluid volume than what is required under the Dilution sticky will certainly increase the chance of the sample being ruled overdiluted. Why deviate?
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