Beware of Iron Seeds Sales, Toronto

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by goldgro, Sep 17, 2005.

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    This year i decided to buy some my seeds from Ironseedsales/ Hidden Village in toronto while on a vist there this spring. I put out over $600 for various strains. I tried sprouting them and out of over 40 seeds I only got 7 to go. I tried to get more seeds or a refund from Iron Seeds but to no avail. In fact they blocked my phone number and email. This was a bad situation since I blew my whole budget at Iron Seeds.

    Of the 7 that started from Iron Seeds 3 were male and 4 were female but appear to be of poor quality since there not even close finished yet and are whispy and small. They are certainly not what I paid for. I paid for premium strains from recognized seedbanks, so Iron Seeds Sales must be repackaging as well

    Since I started to talk about it to other growers it became apparent they had big problems with Iron Seeds/ Hidden Village as well. If you have had the same experience please let Greenman know about so we get the word out about thses rip artists.

    Greenmans' Seedbank Reviews;

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    Tough loss, I suggest that everyone who read this send a complaint email to them just to piss them off ;D. Fucking scammers.

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