BHO from moldy hash

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by EciRonTog, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I was over at my friends house and he had been telling me all about this really nice hash he made. He hands me a bag to take a look at it. I ask him, "Are there supposed to be little water droplets inside the bag?", "The hash looks a bit furry..."

    So he worked on trying to scrape the mold from some of the pieces that he didn't think were too bad and went ahead and gave me the bag of the stuff that had the worst mold.

    I make hash oil pretty regularly using stems, leaves, and vaporizer leftovers mainly. I just added in the moldy hash along with everything else when it gets grinded up. Didn't make as much hash oil as I thought it would given how much hash there was.

    I tried some of it and it is pretty damn stony, probably got me as stoned as anything else I've smoked recently including $55 club 8ths. My lungs also felt a bit worse afterward than normal.

    Do you think I'm taking too big of a risk smoking hash oil made from moldy hash?

    I will say though that this isn't totally the first time. Years ago my friend had almost an entire crop go moldy and we had huge black trash bags full of moldy buds that we turned into BHO, was pretty good stuff too.
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    Please throw anything moldy in the trash. Don't use it for anything. You would be fucking your liver and your immune system with all the mycotoxins. Not to mention increasing your risk for infection.

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