Bickey grows Purple in a shoe box !!!

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by bickeybammer, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    I have been growing for awhile now.. i usually use my whole closet with a 1000 watt but unfortunately my house is for sale so people will be looking at it so i cant be growing my usual 6 plants.. But im addicted to growing so i still have to do it even if it going to yield 1/8th.. lol.. this should be a very interesting grow..
    what i will be using is a single 27watt cfl in a shoe box...

    the strain will be purple erkle.. i have some female seeds from my last grow

    pics from my last purple erkles





  2. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    heres the little lady

    shes behind the speakers

  3. BigLeagueJew

    BigLeagueJew Registered+

    I believe

    This should be interesting. I believe you can pull it off. Good luck! keep us updated:jointsmile:
  4. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    What size shoes? :stoned:
  5. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    size 10 1/2 lol... i dont know if its gunna work but only time will tell if it does ...
    after its done im going to reveg it outside for the summer :Rasta:
  6. biostrength

    biostrength Registered+

    Go for it, love the renegade projects, subscriped

    Peace :hippy: Bio
  7. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    heres a little update for everyone.. started the first dose of nutes.. the little purple erkle is looking pretty damn good for this little setup...




  8. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    the plant is looking very nice. have you switched it to flowering yet? you might run into a problem there with the stretch. maybe not.

    maybe you should make this a CScROG (as i like to call them), or a cube ScROG. line the box with screen and see what happens. just a thought.

    good luck!

  9. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    i vegged it for about 3 days then flipped so basically 12/12 from seed... i might need to do some lsting but i should have enough room.... any bets on weight? im going with 7 grams dry... i might try to add another cfl in there because my temps are 72 when the light is on..
  10. biostrength

    biostrength Registered+

    More then that man, get another light in there and you'll get something decent im no pro but i have faith haha, peace.
  11. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    you need to LST at least 2 weeks prior to flowering, at least that's what the pros say.

  12. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    hows she looking?

    i dont know sex yet but hopefully



    just put a couple bonsai moms outside for the season... cant wait to see how big they get... i hoping about 15 feet

  13. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    HE HAVE A FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! my erkle seeds are now 14/15 with one hermie not to bad! shes looking really good

  14. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    what are the odds of that?

    14 for 15? :thumbsup:
  15. camoxnhx

    camoxnhx Registered+

    P.E. yummy. good strain you got going on. well everything is looking good. just a question.. where did you manage to get eurkle seeds at? The bonsi mother is looking very good and that will be some results! 15 feet would be awsome. nice zoo york box btw... good shoes to ride/grow with. lol
  16. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    well i manage to get my seeds from a 8th of purple erkle i got from a local dispensary it had a few seeds in it and i grew one and it hermaphrodited and i got bout 50 seeds from it and they have all been females except one of them ....
  17. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    the seeds have been some of the best weed ive smoked and i get all my weed when i have to from the dispensaries .. they have been extremely sticky and frosty and i get two pheno types one is really purple and smells really grapey the other pheno is frostier and smells REALLY skunky when they are drying it smells like a sweet skunk .... very narcotic high even if harvested early ... i like it better early with this strain about 55 days of flower is where i like it mostly cloudy trichs with a couple random ambers... if i let it go around 65 days it gets really purple and its to overwhelming to smoke.... when i smoke the 55 day harvested weed one rips is all you need for a mind wondering trip for about 90 min... after a bong rip i cant talk to anyone i just sit there and want to play some video games or eat

    heres a pic of my last harvest

    the skunk pheno

    the purple pheno


  18. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    HAPPY 4/20 :hippy::Rasta::pimp::Rasta:

    a little update .. finally seeing some buds forming

    i hope i have enough room left



  19. fluid69

    fluid69 Registered+

    it does look a little tight. have you thought about LST, or some other kind of training?
  20. bickeybammer

    bickeybammer Registered+

    speaking of lsting.. just started it tonight.. added much more room.. heres some pics.. she is really healthy .. i cant wait until i can tell which pheno type this is ... i hope its the skunk pheno cuz i love the sweet aroma it puts out.. :hippy:




    my bonsia outdoors


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